Taking I’m Sorry To The Next Step

When I’m mad…look out world.  Saying I’m sorry, well that’s not fun either, of course I do apologize because it’s the right thing to do, but I don’t really like it. I wonder if anyone does.  I know people who would rather loose an eye (well at least it seems like that) before saying they were wrong or apologizing.  I don’t want to be like that and I know that God is working on me in this area. These days, I stop and think before doing or saying something that I’ll have to apologize for! For me, it’s becoming not as important to be right, as it is to act right.

I believe it’s a character defect, this sense of pride that sometimes gets in the way of saying I’m sorry, and we know that pride is not a good thing in God’s eyes. Check out just 2 of the many verses on pride.

Proverbs 11:2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.

Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Enough to make you think twice right!?

So with all that confession, I have always found apologies awkward in a particular way, I noticed it more with my children when they were young. Saying I’m sorry for an offense when you’re not really sorry, doesn’t do much for the hurt feelings of the offended person. I’m sure you’ve seen a child apologize who really doesn’t want to …it’s a short, sometimes grouchy sounding “I’m sorry” and that’s it! It’s almost like a slap in the face. And then…the standard response….”it’s ok”. I never liked that response,  it’s not ok! I knew there had to be a better way to respond, so I taught them to respond differently with a “thank you for your apology” or “I forgive you”. But, something was missing…

The other day it came to me, I was reading in Psalms and thinking about the sincere remorse of David in this particular book written by him; how he sincerely and remorsefully asked for God’s forgiveness. That is what is missing in some apologies, remorse, a feeling of regret for our actions. (not always but much of the time) and asking for forgiveness. Yes, you heard right, asking the other person to forgive the action for which we are apologizing.  How much more sincere the apology is when you actually ask to be forgiven for the transgression because you feel regret for hurting the person. “I forgive you” didn’t make sense because there was not a request for forgiveness.

It’s about humbling yourself … not humiliating, but humbling yourself and asking. Those two get mixed up sometimes. Humbling is not being too proud or to put it another way…getting rid of the ego and humiliating is another person attempting to disrespect or treat you without dignity. And accepting the apology…extending forgiveness…without reproach (blaming) or keeping track of transgressions that’s important too.

I wondered, what if we taught this form of apology to children when they were young? How it would affect their relationships when they grow.  Then I realized…heck with the teaching the young…we should all learn this! How would it affect our relationships?

This is the perfect example of how God forgives. When we come to him with a humble heart, he doesn’t keep track of our sin. He doesn’t jot it down in his little book then bring back up at a later date to use it against us…it’s gone…never to be remembered again, as far as from the east to the west (Psalm 103:12) That’s pretty far gone right? God’s word is full of perfect examples of how He treats us and expects us to treat others but …we’re not perfect, we fall short and when we do, we can ask for and receive His forgiveness.  He is our perfect example to look up to for inspiration.

Hope you enjoy your day! God Bless



One Day A Door….

I’d really like to finish that heading with …the next a headboard, but…reality is, it was a little bit longer than that!

I had been eyeing old doors for some time and loved the idea of creating a headboard from a door. It was a perfect idea for Posey since she was without a headboard since up-sizing her bed.  I studied and measured, and thought, thought, thought…even considered purchasing a new door but then I got lucky!

Old Door


My neighbor gave me an old door he had brought home from work. We carried that thing right across the street! I had a plan…   First we (hubby helped on this project too) cut the edges of the door down to a size that would work for the head-board. (the door really wasn’t long and skinny like this, it looks a little deceiving in this picture)  We cut each side so that the door would look even when repurposed as a headboard



Paint remover on old door

Next was the yucky part. I used paint remover to get the old paint off. When using paint remover make sure you use gloves as it will burn your skin. A disposable paint brush and container are handy because you can just toss them. Oh, and make sure you are in a well ventilated area.  Once you paint the remover on, let it sit and it will bubble up the paint, then you can scrape it with a putty knife.  I had a trash can right next to me to put the gooey mess in once it was scraped off.  I was very careful, first because that stuff is brutal and secondly, because I was pretty sure there was lead in the paint since it was so old.  I think there was 3 different colors and several layers of each color on the door. It took a couple of applications and then hubby ended up sanding it too.

The front of the headboard actually was sanded down to bare wood but the back wasn’t going to be seen so we spent less time there. We primed both sides of the door. A little crown molding and a 1×6 ripped down to 5 1/4″ and we were getting closer.

Since Posey wanted to keep the door handle in place, we had work around it and couldn’t mount the top board right to the door and then set the crown under the edge.   So we placed the crown molding first, then we set the top piece of the headboard (1 x 5) . It wasn’t easy …but could have been a lot worse. We ended up cutting some blocks and attaching them to the “top” of the door under the 1 x 5, both for support and also to attach the top board tightly with no gap at the crown.

Hint: Cutting Crown molding is so not fun! BUT we did figure out recently that it is MUCH easier if you stand the crown up (like it would be if you were installing it) and then cut it. But be very, very careful and watch your fingers!

Next came primer and paint. It was starting to come together and I was beginning to get excited. Because Posey was adamant about keeping the door handle we removed it, cleaned it up and painted it silver to match some of the other hardware in her room. Removing layers of paint could have been a bear but I learned a trick by watching rehab addict…Put your painted hardware in a crock pot filled with water and let it soak for a couple of hours. When you take it out the paint will come right off with a small amount of effort and a putty knife. So easy! Mounting a door headboard In order to mount the headboard we placed 2 – 1×4’s on the back of the door; cutting a notch so that they would line up with the bed frame.

Door Headboard

We lined it up and drilled holes to attach it to the bed frame. Some people mount the headboard directly to the wall but I didn’t like that idea at all.   Then came the best part…


Door headboard with curtain accents    Painted door headboard

Add some white lights….and…

Christmas lights over headboard   White lights in the bedroom

A big smile will come over your daughter’s face.  Sigh. All is good.

Now to find the perfect comforter set.


Painted Clothesline Photo Display

I’ve been a busy lady with some home projects and even though I’ve taken pictures I’ve not had any time to share them with you all.  I’m going to try, yes try, to set aside a few minutes to share some of the DIY projects that I’ve completed over the past couple of months.

Recently, I was right in the middle of a little update of Posey’s room. There was a couple of items that were driving us crazy….like the white walls with little butterfly rub-on decals that she had totally outgrown and floor to ceiling “u-g-l-y” closet doors. She was sitting there one day…looking around and said…how about we paint my walls a soft gray.  “Oh my goodness I had never thought of that…”we were on it!” And just like a “mouse and a cookie” (you gotta be a mom or a grandma to understand the whole mouse/cookie relationship) one thing led to another and we were in the middle of a project.

I wasn’t real sure how I was going to like this idea that Posey had for one of the walls. But I compromised, and actually she compromised a little too (thank goodness we don’t have pictures hanging from strings all over the wall…..and this is what happened.

The scariest part was painting the faux frame. Painting all those straight lines! And the really bad cell phone pictures. Here’s the details I hope they make sense!

1.  I measured and taped off a big rectangle on the wall I needed to tape off two areas so I could get the grey stripe in the center of the white.


I started to paint and then realized I needed a picture…oops

2.  In order to get straight crisp lines I painted the grey color of the wall at the edges of the tape to seal the edges. Paint will usually bleed underneath, so painting the grey (color of the existing wall) ensures that the “bleed” will be the same color as the wall. It also seals the edges of the tape to make sure that no other color will bleed when painted, hence, no bleeding makes for beautifully straight lines.


3.  Next I painted the whole rectangle white (this way I had a white base for the coral)


4.  The next step was to tape off the middle section where I wanted to paint the coral color. I used a long level to make sure that all of my taped off lines were level. I let the white paint dry overnight before I taped off for the coral. I didn’t want the tape to lift off the white paint. Again I painted the inside line of the tape with white paint to seal it.


5.  Once I painted the coral I allowed it to dry for short time. It’s better to take tape off while a little damp there is less chance of tape pealing when it’s damp. And taking the tape off….that’s the fun part, well and a little nerve-wracking.

Look at those clean crisp lines! I gotta tell you, I did a little happy dance when I removed the tape!

And the wall decal….a Valentine’s day gift from Sis which was the perfect addition!

We added small eye bolts along the edge of the faux frame and tied some grey twine to make our “clothesline” for hanging the pictures. I really want to paint the clothespins but Posey’s not really up for that so we’ll leave it alone…for now.


It was the perfect addition to the big blank wall in the room and ….We love it!



Growing Up Martha Style

I saw this article the other day, “15 undeniable signs that you grew up in a Martha Stewart home”,  I snickered, giggled a little and wondered….Just what does a Martha Steward home look like?  One click and I got a little surprise, I fell right in place with item #1. I was curious….are there more? Wanna see how I ranked? Here they are, along with a few ways I can relate or not to dear Martha.

1. Your family vacations are hard-bound for posterity – Check! Family vacations, birthdays, holidays and many everyday moments are preserved in albums. More than 20 in all.  They’ve evolved over the years from this,

to this.

But, they are in an album! And, in case you are wondering, no I’m not going to redo those old albums to make them better! No matter how hard my girls laugh now. That’s history, the evolution of scrapbooking!

2. You spent your Saturdays antiquing. And you liked it.Check! Kinda. Weekends are for shopping! The youngest and I shop often, sometimes we buy, sometimes we don’t, sometimes at thrift type stores and lots of time at home stores. Doesn’t matter where there’s always something. I love to shop for thrift store furniture to revamp. One of the interesting things we do is find items that we think we can recreate on a budget.

3. Your school lunches looked like this.Um…not so much. I did make lunch for my girls, however, they were not cute, cutout and especially not color coordinated! They did have a healthy lunch made by mom, with a cute note once in a while. It always surprised me how many young kids made their own lunch. It was usually pretty evident by the contents.



4. And your birthday cakes looked like this.Check! – I learned about decorating cakes and cupcakes from my mom. Somewhere in a scrapbook there’s a picture from around 12 years ago of a teapot cake she created for Posey’s birthday party. Seriously, a round 3D teapot. It was great.  A long time ago, when cake decorating wasn’t a popular pastime, she made some great cakes! But…no cakes for me, cupcakes is all I’m willing to tackle.

5. You laugh in the face of white carpet/clothing/furnitureNope! White carpet is dangerously, dangerous around kids. I love white clothing but always and I mean ALWAYS get something on it! My girls are getting older white furniture/carpet is more and more attractive.  Maybe one day. . . Probably not, since we now have a dog to contend with but…Maybe.

6. But if things get messy, you know just what to do.Check! I know many tricks for removing stains, (unless it’s laundry, I hate laundry stains)I learned many from my mom (who in fact has many Martha Stewart tendencies) and Pinterest has a plethora of ideas for just about anything. Even with this category being a “check”, I’m still not going for the white carpet!

7. The J in your PB and J sandwich was always homemade — from batches you canned at the end of the growing season – Check! - There is absolutely nothing like good homemade jam/jelly.  My family’s favorite is plum. We had a plum tree and I made it every year, up until we took the tree out and put a pool in…sometimes, I think that was just wrong, giving up the plum tree for a pool.

8. And, let’s be honest, the PB was homemade too. - Fail! – Not that I haven’t made peanut butter before (at mom’s prompting of course) but I didn’t think the work was worth it!

9. You had a “craft room.” And it looked like this. – Check! –  I have a craft room! It sure isn’t organized like this one but I’m working on that, you know,… so I can find things!

10. A torn shirt wasn’t a disaster — it was an opportunity. – Kinda Check – A torn shirt would definitely not be a disaster because I grew up in a time where mom’s taught daughters to sew and home economics classes like cooking and sewing were a part of school curriculum.  BUT…I absolutely dislike sewing. Every time I think “Oh it’s not that big of a deal” and decide to tackle a sewing project, I realize that I seriously should have thought longer and harder and made a different choice. When will I ever learn?


11. You never had hip, sugary cereals … but there were always fresh muffins on the counter-Almost a check  – My kids (and hubby too) always wanted those fun sugary cereals. They rarely and I mean rarely got them. When choosing cereal from the cabinet for weekend breakfast, healthy choices were what you found.  During the week, before school, there was always something hot, oatmeal, eggs, breakfast burritos….even today as a working mom I do my best to have something for breakfast other than cold cereal…don’t ask why, it’s a mental thing for me…good breakfast equals good mom.  I know, I’m warped, I know that’s not true, but just can’t shake it.

12. You didn’t realize you could actually buy toys ready-made. - Fail - enough said….who makes toys….my daughter that’s who…but not her mother!

13. I mean, why wouldn’t you fold your laundry immediately?!Major Fail – I remember mom folding clothes right out of the dryer. But why? Especially when you can let them sit around on the loveseat for a week or in baskets until they drive you crazy! That’s definitely more me!  and my girls! Hate to admit that but…there you go! No matter how I want to change that, it hasn’t happened, so I doubt it will.

14. The real gift of Christmas was getting to make cookies.Check! – I have a love hate relationship with this Christmas tradition.  I love the memories that I have making cookies with my siblings and mom but they were so much work! We gave them as gifts and mom had to hide them so there would actually be some left for the neighbors.  Due to the hate I feel for this chore task, you wouldn’t think that I would not continue this tradition ….wrong!  I still have the love hate relationship, but every year, there we are, the girls and I, hour upon hour, in the kitchen making goodies (I say goodies because we don’t just limit ourselves to cookies) and of course…right on point…I have to hide them from the hubby every year!

15. “First, make the bed” wasn’t a house rule. It was a way of life — and still is.Check! – Enough said! It’s a house rule…but those dang daughters of mine do their best to break it, and often I might add!


  • Check! – 7
  • Almost a Check – 3
  • Not so Much – 1
  • Umm, No!/Fail – 4

Even though some of my friends have said at one time or another. “you’re like a freaking Martha Sewart”, I would never have considered that I live in a “Martha Stewart Home”. But, according to these results…I’m closer to Martha than I thought…now if I could only find someone to pay me for doing this stuff that would be a blessing!


Did She Just Say…Boring?

I’m behind…in scrapbooking…I hate it!  I’ve taught others to work on current pictures and go back and catch up later.  I keep telling myself to do this but…I’m being stupid stubborn! It’s much easier to scrapbook current pictures than older pictures. I think it’s linked to emotions, they are fresh and of course, the stories are fresh in your mind too, you don’t have to remember them.  As you get older remembering is a real problem! However, I finally found a “plus” to being behind. You hear things that you wouldn’t have if you wait.  In my case, not good things, but it made me laugh, gave me a snicker and a new perspective

Recently, I went on a weekend scrapbook retreat in the mountains. While there, I worked on my youngest daughter’s album, the pictures were 5 years old, and I came across some pictures of a school field trip to an apple farm.  I had a new perspective to use while working on these photos. A couple weeks before the retreat we returned to this apple farm as a family adventure and Posey was not excited at all to return!  She said that the previous field trip to the farm was the “boringest” field trip she EVER went on!  I had finally found a reason to justify not scrapbooking these pictures until now, a new viewpoint, one where you learn things that your children would never have told you before! Even though I was a bit sad that she thought it boring! I had a story that I wouldn’t have had prior.  I, of course, wrote it in the album!

Tonight I was finishing up with some small details of journaling and adding protectors to the pages as the album was complete, and the hubby walked in.  He noticed the page and said “Oh, wow you’ve already scrapped Riley Farm!” and then he noticed the pictures….the age of Posey, and before even taking a breath from the last sentence, he said…”Uh, never mind, those are not the new pictures! You’re behind”   Umm…thanks Love, I needed that! Being reminded that I’m 5 years behind always makes me smile!! Depression set in….not really.

So again, I’m considering taking my own advice and printing my photo’s for September 2014 and getting them in an album.  We had some fun times and I don’t want to forget the small important things like how my little chicken granddaughter is beginning to get brave. 20141012_165924 (2)She actually jumped in this contraption, which wasn’t the most amazing thing…the most amazing thing was that she left her mom’s side!  That’s an album worthy story for sure.

faith in the lord