100 Days of Happy

I need this! I’m sure I can do it.

Recently the middle daughter said she was going to take this challenge, well, let me tell you I was a little excited. I anticipated happy Facebook posts and happy smiles from her.  I was looking forward to it. But I never saw any posts or evidence so of course, I asked her about it…her answer wasn’t what I wanted to hear. She had changed her mind.  Sadness sunk in…and then I realized.

I should take this challenge myself.  I have struggled recently trying to keep a positive attitude especially amidst the chaos at work.  It really is daily chaos, which sometimes makes me feel invigorated (I know…crazy, I’m telling you, sometimes I belong there) but most of the time I feel stressed and over my head in tasks. It’s important that I leave work at work so I can be happy when I get home to my wonderful family but I am struggling with that too! They deserve a happy mom and wife and being that I can set the tone for the whole family when I’m crabby they’re crabby.

I have a couple of ladies that I mentor and I’m always telling them to make a gratitude list and read it. This is right up that alley and so I knew the benefit of paying attention to the good in my day instead of the difficult.

Today I started, I’m choosing 100 days of happiness, finding something everyday shouldn’t be hard and maybe I’ll be doing the happy jump like this girl when the 100 days is over.

So wish me luck and, ps…you should try it too!

Today’s happy moment…getting my pictures and scrap paper ready for the mountain retreat I have in a week and a half. I feel accomplished and a little less stressed about that.

God bless!


Liebster award

So this weekend I received a very nice Surprise! Designing Dee was nominated for a Liebster Award by The Corner Farmhouse

b4765-liebsterawardThank you Corner Farmhouse!

After the initial giddiness, I thought..”what is a Liebster award?” So I did a little research and found out that it’s kind of a meet and greet type award for smaller blogs.   The nomination means that you were noticed by another blog, and ideally, if you accept, you have the opportunity to recognize some of the smaller blogs that you enjoy reading.

At the same you are given some random questions to help blogs (and I’m sure my readers) get to know me and post 5 random facts about yourself. So…I thought…”why not”, “Yay”, “Woo Hoo, Somebody noticed”, and then I got to work deciding; deciding both the answers to my questions and of course, who I was going to nominate!

So Here’s the questions and those 5 random facts…

  • I don’t mind cooing dinner, I just HATE having to decide what’s for dinner
  • I love watching DIY shows, right now, my favorite is Rehab Addict
  • I want to exercise…but I just can’t bring my self to begin
  • I make fun of my mom for all of her health nut ideas but recently I’ve started pay more attention to that stuff.
  •  I sometimes wish I lived on a large piece of property where I could have a big garden.

How would you describe your style as it is reflected in your blog? I wondered…do I have a style? I think so, and I would best describe it as casual and hopefully encouraging. I enjoy sharing projects that I’ve completed. I think that sharing the ”how to” may help other’s see how to do something and give them the confidence to give it a try, because it’s not that hard. Secondly, I believe that everyone has a story to tell and they need to share it. You never know when another person needs to hear how you overcame. It’s encouraging to know that there are those who have struggled and made it through and that they themselves are not the only one who struggles.

2. What is your favorite thing about your blog that you hope others can appreciate? Sharing my love for Christ and how recognizing His love for me has changed my life…for the better.

3. Who would you be most thrilled to have following your blog and why? Gosh, I didn’t know how to answer this, because the people who would thrill me if they follow, are the ones that are important to me, and I do believe they already follow..you know my family, hubby, mom, children etc.  In reality I get a little excited every time I notice that the Designing Dee following has grown, because each of you is important and that means that the reach of this little blog is growing too! And again, you never know who and how a story can influence someone.

4. What is your profession (and I include anyone who works at raising a family!), and how is it related to your blog? I’m a stay at home mom at heart, I was blessed for many years to work in the home office of my hubby, and raise my daughters. It wasn’t an easy thing, it was a busy, busy office, but I did get to work from home and do all the fun and important things that moms do.  I began to write during that time as I was pondering what God had in His plans for me. Currently, I work in a general contractor’s office as an executive admin., I am the jack of all tasks there. (Is that even a saying?, I think it must be)  This job was truly a life saver, a gift from God, when the economy took a dive. It came through at the perfect time. Hopefully,  one day that work from home part will come  to pass again…but this time, I am thinking about what I can do to find some creativity in my income.  Maybe paint furniture, maybe create photo albums for others, maybe photograph families…it’s a mystery at this point but until then…..

5. If you could take any class you wanted for free, what would you learn how to do or how to do better? The first thing that popped into my head here is a photography class. I enjoy taking pictures and I’d like to get better at it.  I’d love it if the settings on my camera would become second nature instead of my having to think and reason them out in my head….it’s all so confusing sometimes.

6.  What is your signature piece of clothing? Why is it your signature?  Easy…!  Jeans.  I wear them often. It’s kind of like a staple piece of clothing for me. I wear them often to work (yes it’s a casual office)…I could even wear slippers. I may get made fun of if someone noticed, but I could wear them.  Back to the jeans, comfortable, casual, they match with everything and yet they can be dressed up for going out too! Gotta love them.

7.  Who (band, artist, lecturer, etc.) would you most like to see on stage? I will be thinking about this, but I can tell you that I would probably enjoy some sort of inspirational lecture before a band or artist.

8. If you had to choose one character from a book that you feel is most like you, who would it be and why? I used to read a lot…not any more, at least not novels, I have no time for that.  The person that popped into my head right away is Martha from the Bible.  I can especially relate to her in the story when she’s hustling and bustling trying to get things in perfect order for Jesus, her dinner guest. When she complains that her sister Mary is not helping, He reminds her that the tasks at hand are not as important as sitting at His feet and listening.  I have to remember that too!  All my daily tasks and over thinking the planning of an event are not as important as spending time with Jesus or my family.

9. What is the most creative thing you’ve ever done? A looong time ago, when painting on t-shirts was popular I painted a really intricate picture on a t-shirt. I was so astonished that it came out so good.  No paint by numbers or anything.

10. If you were to start another blog in addition to this blog, what would it be called? What would be the focus? If I decided to write another blog I would call it “One day At A Time” and the focus would be on living and enjoying life when someone you love or know, is affected by alcoholism or addiction.

So there you have it…just a little bit more “About Me”

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If you’d like to accept the award, here are my questions for you:

1.What made you decide to write a blog and what is your hope for the purpose or mission is that blog?

2. What is your favorite thing about your blog that you hope others can appreciate?

3.  What is your profession (and I include anyone who works at raising a family!), and how is it related to your blog?

4. If there was one project or accomplishment that you’d like to complete what would it be?

5. Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?

6.  What do you do with your pictures? Are they organized? Do you print them and put them in albums, if so what kind?

7. What is your favorite type of blog to read?

8.  Which do you prefer, sweet or savory?

9. Do you have a guilty pleasure? What is it?

10.   What is the most challenging thing that you’ve had to tackle in respect to blogging?



I’ve copied the rules from The Corner Farmhouse to make sure I get them just right.

“Official” Liebster Award Rules:  Once a blogger is nominated, and they choose to ACCEPT the award, they should:

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you

2. Upload the Liebster award badge to your blog

3. Post 5 facts about yourself and answer the 5-10 questions from the person who nominated you

4. Nominate and add a link to 5-10 blogs with fewer than 500 followers

5. Notify the nominees by email or leave a comment on their blog, include 5-10 questions


Grandma’s Desk Updated

We’ve had this old desk in the house for years. It belonged to my grandmother and has served it’s purpose for some time but for the last couple of years I’ve noticed how dated it looked. It needed to have an update to bring it into this decade.

I found a small bench on Craig’s list and updated it right away. You can spy it on the right there, but I can’t find any before pictures. It’s a bummer, because it was uuugly. And then the desk sat…mainly because I wondered if my mom would have a heart attack if I painted it. She’s a little sentimental and I wasn’t sure if she’d mind that I painted it.  Silly, but that’s the real reason. I finally decided to just go for it! I removed the desktop glass and old pictures under the glass, and then drug it down the stairs and into my paint shop onto the patio,   I forgot the take the picture when the knobs were still on. (oops) I began by cleaning it slightly and sanding gently. Then I primed the piece, using a white primer that I had on hand, I think it was a Valspar primer.   Then, I painted it, using…you guessed it…spray paint. I’ve started to love spray paint. I haven’t figured out which brand I like best. I like that the Valspar paint from Lowe’s pretty much sprays at all angles (even upside down) but I like the Rustoleum 2X also.  When I figure out for sure I’ll definitely let you know.

So here’s the finished product!

I absolutely love it, don’t you? Painting it really helped, and the Zebra print on the stool makes it a bit edgy.  Plus, it matches the faux blinds in this post.

The bench was easy to recover. The seat came off of the legs with a couple of screws and I just used the staple gun to attach the fabric.  Once it was pulled tight and stapled. I used the same white paint to paint the legs, it took 2 coats.

I used the original hardware but freshened it up using Rub n Buff, in Gold Leaf.  This was the first time  I used it and I can’t even tell you how easy it was.  Seriously the name say’s it all….it’s a was with fine metallic powders, and you literally just rub it on and buff it. The metallic powders give I a real metallic look. I know I’m saying love a whole bunch but ..I love, love, love the gold with the white. That shocked me, because I usually can’t stand gold.

I painted a night stand too (will be posting that soon). I’m gradually, finding the time to paint furniture but finally the room is coming along.

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Are You User Friendly?

You may know that I looove to go to church; like, I never want to miss a Sunday. One of the many reasons that I get up on Sunday morning, when I could be sleeping (I like sleep) is that I love to learn about Jesus and the bible. It intrigues me, the more I learn, the clearer the picture becomes, and God’s word opens up my eyes further to the truth.

Every once in a while, I’ll hear something related to God and it will really get me thinking. Recently the term “Holy Spirit user-friendly” popped up.  I immediately began to ponder this term.  What a great concept; to be Holy Spirit user-friendly!

The term user-friendly is usually associated with a computer or a software application, but it can actually be related to anything man-made that interacts with a human. According to Dictionary.com or Merriam Webster if something is user-friendly it is easy to learn, use, understand, or deal with, in other words, easy to operate. I looked it up….cause I wondered. .  .  .  .  .Was I user-friendly to the Holy Spirit?

As Christians we should seek God’s will and pay attention to that small inner voice that we feel are nudging’s from Him. Some people might say that voice is just “your intuition” but I really don’t believe that; the “coincidences” are just too much to pass off as nothing.  Coincidences like, while packing the small ice chest with a couple of water bottles for a soccer game, it pops into my head that I should add more ice to the chest, just in case someone get’s hurt. Oh, and don’t forget a bag, the ice won’t be much good if you don’t have a bag to put it in. It was such a random prompting, I had never thought this before. I decided to listen on this day….and of course, it was my child that came out of the game injured!  I doubt that type of circumstance is just a coincidence. I believe that it’s the Holy Spirit helping me; God’s voice.  There are times like this that I’m aware of God’s urgings, but sometimes, I’m not a very good listener.  Sometimes the prompting is a little bit more than just adding ice to the ice chest, Maybe it’s buying food for a homeless person, or telling someone that Jesus loves them, but at times my own agenda gets in the way, my schedule and calendar can cause me to not take the time to show God’s love to someone. Even my ego can get in the way (don’t want to look silly, or have other’s judge you). There are moments where I get the feeling that I should do, or say something, but then, I don’t respond right away. I think too long, and then I reason away the prompting of the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t happen every time, but it does happen. I’m not proud of that. I want to change that! I want to be easy for God to use.

Christians are always wanting to be used by God but are we user-friendly? Do we make it easy for God to use us? Is it possible for us to see what God sees, and to think like God thinks? The answer is yes! Spending time in God’s word changes us, it helps us to understand God’s heart and see the things that God see’s.  It makes us (me) easier to operate, or Holy Spirit user-friendly. (Yes!)  Jesus said that “as the Father sent Him, He sends us”. He even gave the Holy Spirit in us to help.  (John 20:21)

My question is… If we are not user-friendly, not aware of the prompting of the Holy Spirit, how can he send us? And if He can’t send us, who can He send?   Something to think about….

Loved this saying


Pillow Procrastination

I’ve had this project lying around my house for sometime now, I convinced the oldest daughter to purchase some pillows on clearance and then cover them with fabric to match the décor in her front room. We had been looking for reasonably priced pillows with no luck, so this was going to be a good idea….except for the fact that I really do not like to sew and should have known I would procrastinate. Every day that I saw the fabric and pillows sitting next to the sewing machine I had this pang of guilt for not just getting it done. Until today…

I made the covers removable so they can be washed or even replace the pillow if needed. I realized this was very easy I’m not even sure I’ll ever make a pillow cover that’s not removable again. Here’s the easy directions on how you can sew your own set and change-up the décor in your home.

How to Make A Removable Pillow Cover

First determine the size of the pillow, I measured from corner to corner and the pillow was 16″ square.  Once you have the pillow size cut 1 piece of fabric 1″ larger than the measurement of your pillow. (for my pillow I cut it to 17 x 17)  That will be the front of your pillow.  For the back of the pillow where the “pocket” is, you will need 2 pieces of fabric.  To determine the size, you will use the same width of 17″, but for the other direction you will divide the size of your pillow in half and add 5 inches.  For my pillow the size would be 8.5 (1/2 of 17) + 5 =13.5 inches.  The two pieces on the back will need to be 17×13.5 each.

Finish the edges of the back two fabric pieces.  Fold over two inches with the wrong side of the fabric together and pin in place. Sew a seam very close to the folded edge. Next tuck under a small 1/4″ at the other edge and  pin to keep in place. Sew another seam so that both sides of the back at the pocket area have finished edges.

Not a great picture but you can see how both edges of the fold are sewn.

The rest is easy from this point.  Pin your 2 back panels along the edge of the front of your pillow, overlapping the sewn edges as shown below.

Lay one back and then the other right sides together and pin in place.

Once it’s pinned and you’ve made sure it’s straight, sew a 1/2″ seam all around the edge of the pillow with the right sides of the fabric together.Here’s the fun part! Turn it right side out.

At this point you can consider yourself done, BUT, to really make it look finished and reinforce the edges of your pillow you should sew a reinforcing seam along the edge of your pillow on the outside. When you do this make absolutely sure your seam is straight.

Spend a couple of minutes and iron the cover, then insert your pillow or pillow form and voila’ you are really finished this time. Enjoy your the fruits of your labor!

Since the pocket overlaps, you cannot see the original pillow, plus if needed you can add a little Velcro in the opening. As you can see I didn’t need it.

Can’t wait to see them in my daughter’s home. Hopefully I won’t procrastinate next time I want to make some pillow covers. It really was an easy project.  Made 2 pillows in no time!