It's me! I'm the "Whosoever" .

It's been many years since I raised my hand and asked Jesus to be a part of my life, but I remember some of the emotions of that day like it was yesterday.

Back then, I considered myself a Christian because I believed in God. I knew that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world, and His death allowed us to go to heaven vs hell. But I didn't realize one, little, detail.  The biggest "ah ha" moment was when I realized that he died for methat it was a personal thing. A personal gift that I had to decide to accept, not just a blanket blessing. 

I hadn't read the bible...at all, like never. Nope, that had never crossed my mind.  The bible was this big book in my mother's room (and I mean BIG like a shrine) that held all of the important papers. It was a special book and we were not invited to adventure inside. So, I had not one clue as to what John 3:16 referenced on those signs that people held up in the end zones at football games. It was just a sign...that meant you better love God. I feel a little silly saying that out loud, but that was just how I grew up. 

And then that Sunday in June almost 31 years ago happened, and life changed in so many ways. I became aware of the sacrifice that Christ made for me, and I changed. My priorities changed. My outlook on life changed too!

Of all of the choices and decisions I've made in my lifetime, THAT decision is one that I've NEVER regretted. Even the decisions that I would never change, like getting married and having children, have had some split-second thoughts or fleeting wishes, that it was different, easier, and that maybe, I made a wrong choice. But not the Jesus decision. Not one regret. EVER.  When life gets tough He's were I always turn, and I feel better. Life is better with Jesus

I'm forever grateful that I'm the WHOSOVER!  (which means whatever person) I'm the "whatever person" who Jesus chose and I decided to choose Him back! Today I try to read my bible daily, because I want to know what is says in there. I want to know the details! One of those details is that Jesus is not just for me, remember it's personal, so you can be the WHOSOEVER too!  It's just one good decision away. 

Whosoever, believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life - John 3:16



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