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What to share? What to share? I think that the best way to tell you about myself is to make a list of the important things but that seems so, well, boring. So let me just start here with I’m a mama of 3 beautiful daughters and my favorite people right now call me Grandma. I have the perfect husband for me, he challenges me and loves me unconditionally all at the same time. Oh, and he pretty much supports me in everything I do. But the best thing that ever happened to me was finding Jesus. THAT has changed my life! If you happen to think I’m a Jesus Freak, well, I’ll just take that as a compliment. I depend on Him everyday. I’m blessed beyond measure.

I like to stay busy and it isn’t often you find me just sitting around doing nothing. There’s always some project to be completed and I’m not afraid try new things. That characteristic has sometimes made me wonder “what was I thinking?” But those challenges don’t stop me, the next time I see something, I think ” oh, I can do that”, and then the hubby rolls his eyes… right before I convince him that we can do it!

I’m a little gregarious, the social, fond of people part, but I don’t consider myself “outgoing”. Sometimes I regret what I say too! That feeds my insecurities…it’s like feeding a monster. I hate that I have insecurities and wish I could say “that’s just how God made me”, but it isn’t! Actually, knowing that God accepts me just the way I am, big mouth and all, helps me to realize that I’m ok, just the way I am.

I hope, like really hope, you like me…lol. I hope that you enjoy reading about my insights and projects, and if so…sign up for my newsletter to receive monthly emails with exclusive recipes, thoughts, and inspiration created just for you.


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