Where In The World Is It?

Sometimes I wonder how I make it through a day without losing my head!  Seriously, I try to be organized but it’s inevitable I lose just about everything.  Today I had a plan, it was a full day, but I had planned out the agenda last night and I wasn’t stressed.

Needless to say, nothing went as planned.  First thing in the morning, right out of the gate, changes started.  The hubby, who was looking forward to seeing our youngest daughter get a school award, got a call to go to work, (yea!), no problem.  I’d head to the bank right after dropping her off at school, make the deposit that he was going to make, come back to the house, pick up the oldest daughter, and head back to school for the awards. After that, I’ll grocery shop, make a birthday cake for a friend of the middle child, design some digital birthday invitations, and head to my noon lunch meeting.

WRONG….Went to grab the bank deposit as I was leaving, and couldn’t find it, ANYWHERE. That was the beginning of the end of my schedule!  I decided to head off to school, then come back, find the deposit, and start again. I was not going to get flustered.

Well, to make a long story short, my oldest and I searched everywhere, even the trash. Yes, the trash, because I’ve found “things”, even checks, there before.  I was really upset at myself, wanted to yell, almost cried, and prayed for that deposit. My most prevalent thoughts were, “how could I lose it, it had to be here, and that I need to a better steward of our money”. We finally found it about 2 hours later, right where I had put it…I had even looked in that very spot prior to finding it.

Now trust me, I wanted to let that ruin my day, but tomorrow I would be upset that I allowed it to ruin my day.  I decided to just start over and continue on, getting done what I could.  It worked. I asked for help, thank goodness my oldest knew how to make the “special” cake,  I do still have digital invitations to design tomorrow, but hey, all in all, it was a good day.

The funniest moment came at the dinner table after I shared the incident, the nephew stated that I should really write down where I put things because I’m always losing things.  We all laughed, then he realized that I’d probably lose the paper that I wrote it down on too!

Lesson for the day! – You can always start your day over, no matter what time it is!

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