What's for Dinner?

What's for Dinner?

I need to know…”What is the most annoying question that people ask you?

“For me it’s “what’s for dinner?” I HATE that question~!

My hubby tries to convince me that when he asks that question, he’s trying to “help me”. Yes you heard that right. He says, he knows I’m so busy, and I’ve probably not had time to think about it, so he’s just helping me to remember to take something out. 🤔 Um…really…not to be rude, but if you want to help, you can look in the freezer, take something out and cook! 😂😂 Now that would be a help!

Today was the best! I was ready! I realized ” I better take something out for dinner”. I frantically searched the freezer to figure out what to cook! When he called me on the way home from a doctor appt, I was ready! The first words out of his mouth after I said “hello”, were “what’s for dinner”! I stopped him right in his tracks, I was totally prepared for the question! So I said, “pork chops!” He had a bit of surprise in his voice and said “oh, ok!” (he loves pork chops). So he was happy! and I was so pleased with myself too! For about 3 seconds!

Then the realization hit! He was out, and was probably going to offer to stop and pick something up on his way home. I panicked a little. Could I back track and not have to cook?! No! that wasn’t going to work. That would be bad…make me look lazy like I didn’t want to cook dinner! LOL! I really didn’t! I was ticked, he had played a dirty trick on me. If I had just been my normal unorganized self I wouldn’t be cooking right now!. There are not usually benefits to being unorganized, but not having to cook dinner is definitely a perk! Spending more money than you should…not a perk! But I couldn’t back track, I was stuck! Stuck cooking.

So I stepped up, grumbled a bit in my head and cooked the darn pork chops. And all during dinner he ranted and raved about how good dinner was! I giggled a little inside. So I guess it was worth it…you know, cooking and listening to that annoying question “what’s for dinner?”

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