What’s a Beep?

Yesterday, my eldest daughter received a text message from her sister.  The middle child, while gallivanting through a midwestern state with her Auntie, Grandma and Cousin M, had just driven by a bunch of beeps, and she thought her sister should know. 

The text read “We just drove by a bunch of beeps!” 

WHAT? We had no idea what she was talking about! 

When you receive a text message, which is how many people tend to have conversations these days, you never really know if they’re meaning to say what they wrote, or if they’ve mis-typed. Sometimes, you may even try to guess what they meant to say, IF they did mis-type, by figuring out the letters they could have meant to type….It’s crazy!

We looked strangely at each other, and of course, she texted back….Beeps?

Then her phone rang….yes rang!   The middle child had actually called to explain!  Thank goodness for small things, like an actual conversation with voices and smiles and laughs. When she answered, I watched her get a slight smile on her face, giggle and then she explained to the rest of us…..It seems one of  Auntie’s favorite memories of my eldest as a child, was when she was young and called “sheep”, beeps!   I laughed!  She did do that!  I could almost hear her cute small voice saying it! Remembering, just that one small thing, brought a smile to my face.  It’s funny what you remember….. and what you forget. 

As a scrapbooker, I know that you cannot remember everything!  As a Creative Memories consultant, I teach my clients to write in their albums because the stories that go along with their pictures are the most important part of the album. Some of them are very good about it, keeping journals of the cute things their kids do and say. Some find it hard, probably because it is.   I’d like to say,  “if I could share one thing with a young mom I’d tell her to write about, and to her children.”  Reality is, I’d  really have more than one thing to share with her. So on this subject, I’ll just say….You’ll never remember it all and even some of the fondest memories, will fade with time.  This is why I scrap!  I want to remember, and I want my kids to remember! 

Do you have to scrap to do this?  NO!  Find the memory keeping project that works for you!  Wether it be slide in photo albums, digital photo albums or traditional scrapbooking…..write the stories with your pictures, and read them every once in a while.  They’ll bring a smile to your day.

Remember, what you remember, may be different from what someone else remembers, so get another perspective every once in a while.  Ask someone else to share a fond memory like Dad, Grandma or Auntie!  

Thanks Auntie for sharing your memory, it has made me smile many times in the last couple of days.

And smiling is always good!

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