Tips for Organizing Your Digital Images

Tips for Organizing Your Digital Images

Do you take digital pictures?  

I usually post my Creative Memories advise and tips on my Scrap With Dee site but today I’m making an exception because I think this is so important.  Almost all of us take digital pictures and while working with my clients, helping them to get their pictures organized, and into some form of album for enjoyment, I’ve found that MOST people are suffering from the same digital dilemma.  They have pictures everywhere….camera, memory cards, computer, social media sites, online photo storage sites, the list goes on and on.  It’s definitely gotten out of hand.  There are predictions that a whole generation of children, will have NO pictures of their childhood.  That is sad! 

So in light of the fact that everyone I know takes pictures, and many people are in the same situation with their digital pics, I want to urge you to visit my Scrap With Dee site to check out the “tips for organizing your digital pictures”.  Even if you THINK you have it all under control, you should still check it out, you may be surprised to read some unknown facts.   Hope you can find a tip to take control of your digital images before it’s too late 🙁
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