Time For Relaxing

I was so excited to have some free time this evening to sit and play on the computer.  Most days, I consider time on the  computer relaxation, and although I have used the computer for work, I have not taken advantage of playing on the computer in 3 days. I was having withdrawals. Wondering what was happening on Facebook .  I know, that’s a little sick, but it is my relaxation time, so I refuse to feel guilty, no matter what you are saying in your head right about now.

Earlier in the evening I checked out Facebook and surfed the web to find a topic for my post today…But as I was typing the post….this strange thing happened….I couldn’t keep my eyes open! I actually caught myself, eye’s closed, typing a blog entry. Just because I can type with my eye’s closed, doesn’t mean I should.  I think that’s a sign that I’m extremely tired and slightly off-balance.   Have you ever done anything like this?

I figure the solution is that there needs to be a computer rule, “no sleeping and typing“, as you can never be sure of what you might type. But the most important idea I need to remember is….GO TO BED, DEEANNA!

So, the post will have to wait. as I desperately need some sleep, but I’m sure that tomorrow I’ll feel more awake and post worthy.

Hope you enjoy your sleep as much as I will!

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