The Refrigerator Doors…

Recently in a house cleaning frenzy, I decided to clean the front of my refrigerator.  I removed all the items and quickly wiped it clean with a Magic Eraser.  If you are one of the few, who haven’t tried these wonderful cleaning pads you should give them a try.  They work great on just about everything, even motor homes!

But once again…..I’m a bit off track here, so back to the refrigerator.  After cleaning it, I realized that just removing the reminders, kids report cards and art work off of the front, made a huge impact…..It not only looked amazingly clean but so did the whole kitchen!  We were having a get together that evening, so I stacked the items from the doors and dashed them into a closet.  A couple of minutes later, the teenage daughter walked in and noticed immediately how the clutter free refrigerator made the room look bright and clean.  She couldn’t believe the difference, and I decided that I wanted to keep it clutter free. I wouldn’t be adding all that “stuff” back to the refrigerator.

It’s been a little over two weeks since the big change and I gotta tell you….I love it!  It really makes a difference in the cleanliness of the kitchen.  Thursday after work there was a school assignment for my youngest, and a phone message stuck to the front of the refrigerator, I noticed it right away.  I wanted to say, “don’t put anything on the refrigerator!”  But, I realized that since it was the only item on the door, it was a very prominent reminder.  The refrigerator had never worked for a reminder prior to this time.  There was just too much on there for anything to stand out and be noted.  So I left the assignment, it will only be there until the 17th when the project is due, and then the doors will be clean again.  It’s actually bothering me a little, but it is serving the purpose since I see it, and then I can remind “Miss M” to work on it.  To top off the week, on Thursday, my nephew brought home his college mid-term math test….he received the highest grade in the class.  I was very proud of him. And then it came…he said, “I thought you could put it on the refrigerator where you show everything off”.   Noooo!  How on earth am I going to get out of that?!  No possible way, so up on the refrigerator it went ….for a couple of days.

Tonight, while surfing the web I happened on this article  “What Do Your Refrigerator Doors Say About You?”    You know I had to check it out! I was already pondering why there was such a difference and what the refrigerator clutter did or did not accomplish, so maybe it would be interesting.

During the clutter stage, our refrigerator wasn’t as full as the pictures in this article, but it did have a wide array of items stuck to it with varying sized and shaped magnets.  After reading the article I don’t know that I have all the characteristics of the woman who has a clean refrigerator, but there are definitely a few I could relate to.

I do believe that everything should have a place in the house, finding things would be much easier, but in my house. Forget it!  There’s just not enough room and if there was….no one would put it away!

The clean door is a choice, but it’s not an image conscience thing….it’s more like a relaxation technique.  I’m weird and when things are clean I like it….it’s relaxing, makes me feel like there’s no work to do.

I would definitely like to have this large blank surface stay blank, but I doubt that it’ll be that way for long, as I have school projects and “things” to show off.

But the one thing about the clean clutter free doors that I did realize….I’m ready to update to a new stainless steel refrigerator, who isn’t? However, a stainless steel refrigerator is not magnetic….how would that work?  Oh..and there’s that one thing…coming up with the money for the stainless steel refrigerator??? And truly if I have the bucks needed to buy a new refrigerator….I’d probably replace the washer and dryer…Priorities!

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