The Day Of The Dance

Last night was my daughter’s winter formal dance. It was a big night for a highschool girl, lots of important things to do, hair, nails,toes, make-up and much more. 

I’ve always experienced high school dances from the girls perspective and “wow”….how different it is for a boy!   It reminded me of my shopping experience with the seventeen year old, fast quick and directly to the point. The nephew was caught in a whirlwind and it was definitely hurried.  I will say, that some of the fast and quick, was very much out of his control and even his comfort zone.  He really did want to spend a little time to make sure the hair was just right and get his teeth brushed, but when you have a female friend (not the girlfriend) impatiently waiting for you down stairs, and letting you know just how late you are, from down stairs, it definitely puts a cramp in your cool.  Even the hubby came to his defense.  Baseball practice can definitely ruin your plan’s at times. I don’t know what the coach was thinking, but I sure hope he passed the dedication test. He was in the door, and ready for the dance within 25 minutes.  Actually, I’ve never seen anyone get ready for a highschool dance so fast,  in fact, for a girl, that’s an impossibility!

When you’re a girl, looking for the dress starts the process weeks in advance, and sometimes that causes a meltdown!  You have to look adorable and make sure not one of your friends has the same dress! The best part….when mom is tired, daughter is tired, and she try’s on, just one of many dresses, but this time, the smile unconsciously appears, and you know by her reaction, that’s the one!  Finding the hairstyle is another requirement. Does she want an updo, down soft, or curls galore? Once you find the perfect picture, make sure it’ll work for your hair, then you can relax, until about two days prior to the big day. Yep that’s right two days!  Can’t wait for the last-minute to get your nails done there’s just too many other necessities.

For the daughter, yesterday was a bit relaxing, someone doing her hair and make up.  Just a day of pampering, making sure she look put together, beautiful, if I do say so myself.  Most importantly, she didn’t want to be stressed, and she wasn’t, she did have to make sure no one, namely the mom and the sister, stepped on her newly painted toes, but that was the worst of the stress factor.  She was laughing, smiling and having a fun time, which from a mom’s point of view is just perfect.

I’m extremely partial to the way girls handle the day of the dance.

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