I heard something today that has stuck with me all day.  A friend said she realized that in her life today, she feels like she’s either walking in love or walking in fear.  I would able to tell you that I loved the thought immediately, but I  mostly I just wondered, “can that be true?”  For the balance of the day this idea popped into my head periodically.  It actually made sense to me.  

Fear is such a weird emotion, for many people, including me, fear can manifest itself into many forms.  Sometimes we may not even realize it’s fear.  We may have an inner feeling, or turmoil, and not be able to pinpoint it as fear. It may even come out in anger or self-pity.  I hate that!  BUT, I am getting better at recognizing the “BIG UGLY EMOTION”

Everyday we walk through life and wonder, wonder if we make the right choices, wonder if events will turn out badly or not.  So what about this idea of walking in fear or walking in love.   When we walk in fear, we are timid and worried, not secure in ourselves or in others. Can we be secure in God when we walk in fear? I don’t think so, or maybe we can waver back and forth with our security.  Our logical minds knowing just how much God loves us, all He’s done for us and that He wants to take care of us, yet the fear is in the back of our mind waiting to sneak in.

1 John 4:8 says, Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

So again…the walking in love….Walking with God, trusting Him, having faith, showing God’s love to other’s, knowing God, is knowing love. I know that there’s so much more to contemplate on this subject, I wish I could sum it all up quickly.  But for today, I’ll thank my friend for helping me to understand and keep in mind that I’d prefer to NOT walk in fear but in love and faith.

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