Taking time out to remember

Taking time out to remember


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been keeping my Bible bookmark in the same location because I happened upon a quotation in the margin and it just fit so perfectly with both my blogging efforts and also my Creative Memories mission that I wanted to share it. 

Ramona Cramer Tucker (nope she’s not related, just a coincidence) writes Taking time out to remember the past ~ in all it’s sorrow and joy ~ is crucial. For reliving our memories is like looking through a window and seeing life’s pieces fitting together in glory. 

I have been a consultant for Creative Memories for many years and love creating photo albums for my children and what better compliment could you get but to have one of your children claim that their photo album is their favorite book.  I could go on and on about the gifts, I’ve both received, and helped give, that have been directly related to a photo album, but that’s not the point.

This quote just seemed to sum up my “why”, the mission of my albums.  The albums I’ve created help my family, and more importantly, ME, look through a window and remember the past to see how life’s events fit together to weave meaning into ordinary everyday events.  They share with my children just why they are special to me, they encourage them and they show just how far we’ve come. On the lighter side, and a little off track….you should see how far my albums have come…the evolution of an album is hilarious and sometimes… only sometimes, I want to hide the older versions.

I love the pictures, but the memories or the stories, ARE the important part.  My clients, better known as “scrapaholics” (you know who you are), will tell you that I preach about writing in their albums.  In fact, I think they roll their eyes at me as much as my children…well maybe not as much, but they definitely roll their eyes. They know the importance already and here I am reminding them once again.  I wonder what’s worse stories in your head not shared with loved ones or pictures on your computer just waiting for the crash. They’re equally depressing thoughts for me.

One of the three most popular resolutions at this time of year is to get organized..that’s on the top of many lists. I don’t believe in resolutions and actually, I usually fail at them.  This year I’m looking at finding solutions, having a steadfastness, determination, tenacity and purpose but NOT resolutions so the fact that Creative Memories named their newest savings bundle the “resolutions bundle” just bugs me!  But really this bundle is a perfect solution for  pictures and stories. It’s easy and has everything needed to get stories and pictures organized .

Sharing stories is important and fun, I love to sit around and remember moments shared. Every family has those stories that bring up precious memories. A love story, a baby story, a funny story, even a story you’d rather forget…or at least keep your children from finding out.  Don’t worry about where to start, just start, but most importantly keep it simple. Come on, think, where are your stories?

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