Super Bowl Sunday And That One Commercial….

Super Bowl Sunday And That One Commercial….

I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl tomorrow.  It’s always fun to watch such a big game even though I don’t really have a favorite team. I just enjoy watching the game. Tomorrow I’ll be rooting for the Saints, not because I like them more than the Colts, but because someone I love is really hoping for a win and if they’re happy, I’d like that. 

Just like many other viewers, I’ll be watching the commercials. Usually among all the beer and sex, there is at least one, that is laugh out loud funny. This year, the commercial I’ll be looking forward to viewing, is the Tim Tebow, Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life ad. I’ve read and heard some commentary about this ad and Tim Tebow. I am really interested to finally see the commercial. 

Romans 1:16, I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.

I will admit that I didn’t know much about Tim Tebow before the controversy but I’m impressed.  As a Christian, I love the black eye bible verse messages that have prompted about 100 million google searches. I love that he volunteers every summer for the less fortunate of this world. I love that he’s proud of the fact that he’s a virgin but mostly I love that he’s sharing the story of his mother’s “choice” during one of the most watched television events of the year. 

For many years I considered myself Pro-Life. I hadn’t really thought through this opinion, mostly because it wasn’t really an opinion, just the way I hoped everyone would think.   I impressed my opinion, to my daughter’s, and hoped that they would also understand the consequences of choosing to have sex and that terminating a pregnancy actually was ending a life.  Even though I hoped everyone in society would choose life, I could also understand why someone would choose to end a pregnancy. Even though I could sympathize, I couldn’t see myself supporting a Pro-Choice agenda, ending a life, hence my Pro-Life position. 

That is, until last year, when I attended a 40 Days For Life event at church.  That’s when my “opinion” was set into resolve! My eye’s were opened wide.   I heard stories, from men and women, both post abortion and adoption stories, but mostly, I learned that I was very much under-educated on the subject of abortion.  I was not able to make an educated opinion because I had never been educated.  I was so glad that my then 16 year old daughter was with me… what an impact.   Our society has been taught for so long “it’s just tissue” that we’ve become immune to what it really is.  We need to educate ourselves to make an educated decision.  Educate yourself!  A great place to start is by visiting and get the facts about abortion .  Now is the time to decipher for yourself 

 The Pro-Choice supporters are up in arms about the Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial….Why?  His mother made a choice…..there are choices other than abortion.  Let’s learn about the choices. 

 This isn’t about condemning anyone who has previously had an abortion, or will make the choice  to have an abortion, this is about knowing the facts. 

In writing this, I’ll most likely offend some one, and although that is not my goal, I think it’s a chance worth taking. Maybe some one may question their thinking. Maybe someone will check it out. Maybe someone will educate themselves. Then they will have the information needed to make a choice!

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