Last week in my bride on the road post I noted how time  has a way of flying by without us noticing.  Not only does it happen over the years but it happens to me every night!  Tonight I sat down to spend a little time catching up on the computer, both with work and with socializing.  I thought I’d be able to hurry through the quick updates and then still get to bed on the early side tonight. I was even going to leave a couple of dishes in the sink!  I don’t understand it, I always lose track of time, well actually, I lose track of a lot of things but time is something that I cannot get back! I want to fit so much into one day.  I have good intentions, I organize,  I just wish the day would cooperate and stand still for a bit.  I’m starting to think that God is trying to get me to realize that I need to be still for a bit.

I have favorite bible verses and every once in a while one will just jump off the page at me.  The bible verse, Psalm 46.10, “be still and know that I am God”. Has been jumping right in front of me for a while now.  I see it everywhere!  It’s becoming one of my favorites, not only because it reminds me to be still and cherish the day but mostly because it encourages me to not worry, just relish in the thought that He is God, in control, all-powerful, my provider, healer, comforter and on and on.  He is everything I need, every day, and I want to be still and cherish the moments.

Take the time, enjoy yourself!  Relax! Be Still!

I’m out of time….gotta go, Blessings to you.

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