Please come shine on me

 It’s been cold here and I’m just tired of it…I know some of you live where it’s colder and probably have more cold issues than I do, but when I’m cold, I never get much done. I don’t want to go outside and I feel unproductive and sloth-like. I just hate it!

I Woke up this morning to sunshine.  I bet you’re thinking ” you live in California, there’s always sunshine”, but really, that’s not necessarily so.  This morning was different….It was bright and looked like “spring” sunshine!  The kind of sunshine that beckons you to come out and soak up the rays.  I just had to look at the temperature to make sure….could it really be?  Yep, almost 70 degrees at 9 am., that meant warmth today!  Maybe 80 by noon.  What a wonderful inspiration, sunshiny warmth.  I just can’t wait to get out there. 

My mind is thinking….what can we do today?  Thought….”I’m working in the yard, trimming the roses”, in January this year, because I tend to procrastinate. Procrastination is one of my character defects, and yet I’m always telling, lecturing, whatever you want to call it, others about the dangers of procrastination.  Oops, off on a tangent, back to the sunshine and my plans to work in the yard. 

I don’t think the family will agree that working in the yard is therapeutic, but oh well.  I remember hating to work in the yard too, when I was a kid,  and we had a BIG yard.  My kids don’t even know what a real weed, the kind that are bigger than, you, looks like, and they definitely wouldn’t know what to do with one. I think they may be spoiled! They’ve never had to pull weeds like that, or shovel sh*!, or use a wheelbarrow, well, actually my nephew learned to use a wheelbarrow. Kinda! He almost killed himself!  The two holes in the legs of his basketball shorts are reminders that he should abstain from wheelbarrows and a downhill run. If you’ve been lucky enough to have wheelbarrow experience, you can imagine. My girls have heart attacks at frogs in the yard!  They’re all such, well, “girls”!….

Well I’m off to wake them up, and tell them how lucky they are to ONLY have to trim the roses with me…. but more importantly…I’m going to enjoy the sunshine!  Maybe I’ll get a tan!

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