Past My Bedtime

Past My Bedtime

Well, here I am again, staying up past my bedtime.  Can you believe that I actually had to tell myself that I had a bedtime,  just like my children when they were young?  Having a particular time when I actually think, “OK, you’re supposed to be sleeping,” just helps me to realize when I need to be more disciplined about getting sleep.  I know it’s important. and I’m learning to make this a priority, but it’s hard! For many years, staying up late was heavenly.  It was “my” time, when the house was quiet and no one wanted anything from the mom!    As much as I still love the quiet evening hours, I’m realizing that sleep is a very important commodity.  I really need to work on figuring it out.  Do I have a lack of discipline?  I really don’t know.  

Tonight, the one thing I do know, is I want to go to bed, I’m just too tired to get up and go, plus the peace and quiet is wonderful…..I bet I’ll be paying for this decision tomorrow!

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