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Some of you may have noticed that Sunday I posted a quote from the Academy Awards. Well that was a mistake….kind’a.  I love the quotation and had every intention of posting it and sharing a couple of thoughts. I just didn’t want to do it right then, I clicked one little button and I couldn’t stop it, before I knew it…..it had been automatically posted in several spots.  Technology can be such a wonderful thing and also a real pain at times.  It’s not very forgiving, and when you make a mistake….Wow, you have a hard time correcting it.

The quotation was from Mo’Nique and the part of her speech that I immediately took note of  is ” Thank you for showing me that sometimes you have to forgo doing what’s popular in order to do what’s right. And baby, you were so right.”

I immediately loved her quotation.  I thought “if more people had this attitude life would be different”. Then I started to wonder.  Why is it so hard to do what is right?  Do people even know right from wrong?  Is our moral compass so off that it is more important to be liked or popular than to do right?  If stand up for your beliefs, is that doing what is right?…..Not necessarily!  What if your beliefs have been warped?

I planned to have a talk with my girls, to open some discussion on right, wrong and popular beliefs.  It’s difficult at times to do what is right, especially for those who are younger.  So much is wrong around them. So much iniquity has become acceptable. How can they even see right from wrong?  I want my girls to know where to find right vs wrong, and to know that when they make a morally correct choice that it WON”T be popular.  That in itself, will be hard. They may even be judged, but in the long run it will feel good to know that they made a good choice and hopefully one day…. they’ll say….”Mom, you were so right.”   That would be music to any mother’s ears.

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