Oh, Geese, "Should I Worry That I'm Worrying"?

I know that worrying about a situation is futile and unproductive but sometimes I have worrisome thoughts! There are things, situations, or perceived problems, that just kind of "hang around" in my head. I happen to know that my head can be a scary place, but for some reason these "things" just stay there or at least keep popping back up. "The ladies in the attic", those voices you hear in your head, beckon me to give them my attention, but I know that I should just put them away. It has been proven to me time and again that solutions come and the worries just seem to take care of themselves and yet here I am, concerned, wondering what should I do. God's word even tells me not to worry! Oh, geese, "Should I worry that I'm worrying"? I'm afraid of the "what if's". Does that mean that my faith is lacking? Go ahead....say it....I know that it sounds CRAZY! But I've felt this way lately. Most days I try to have, the philosophy that I only have to worry about today, or the next 24 hours. I say to myself many times, "just for today" or "one day at a time", " God is in control, and He doesn't need me to help Him". In fact, Jesus said, “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes” (Matthew 6:34 THE MESSAGE). I am weary today and worried today and trying to keep my head in this one day. I can keep my eyes focused on Jesus and do the next indicated thing on my list, knowing that He will take care of the loved ones that are my concern. But sometimes it's hard to see what God is doing with my earthly eyes. I received the best advice from a friend. Her advice has helped me to relieve so much anxiety I know that I will continue to remember this. I was unable to relax about a situation, and she advised me, when thinking about this person. to pray, but pray specific prayers. Almost like breathing life, God's life, into him. If I became worried, anxious or in fear, I prayed. I prayed for courage, peace, help, wisdom, understanding, comfort, love, you name it, I prayed for it all to be given to the loved one, every time my head started, I would pray and relief would come. Standing in the gap for my loved one helped me to feel relief and I was sending Almighty God's unending power and love to the one who needed it, but may not ask. Sometimes people are in such despair they can't or won't ask for help, I believe that God's help, His unending powerful love for all of us, will change any situation, and so I'll ask.
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