Left Behind?

For the first time in a long time, I’m reading a book, a fiction book that is.  I’ve had this box of books lying around my garage for months now and finally took a challenge from a friend to read them.  The series is called the Left Behind series, which is also the name of the first book. They are fiction novels about biblical prophecy and the Earth’s last days.  I’d heard of them for years and always wanted to read them. 

I was reading every night in bed, for about 15-20 minutes, and that was just enough, as  I was trying my best to read this series of books, and not let them consume my day. For the most part, I’d been successful at limiting the time I spent with my nose in a book.   But have you ever tried to read a book, especially a good book, and NOT let it consume every waking moment of your day? 

After much dicipline, I finished the first book, loved it and was off to the next, that’s when it happened!  I lost control and today I spent the greater amount of the day reading that darned book! I would set a limit for myself and say, “I’m stoping after this chapter” but then I’d break the self inflicted limit and continue reading, because, I COULDN’T PUT THE DANG THING DOWN!

I had been wanting to read these books, but I had no idea how interesting they would be.  Knowing about bible prophecy and what the end times will be like not the same as actually reading and envisioning just how it will affect life.  It’s scary!   

I found this video of an ABC interview with the book’s authors, I thought you might enjoy getting a little more insight on the series. 

FYI – I suggested the first book to my husband, who NEVER reads….he read it in record time.  Tonight he announced how mad he was at me…..you see, HE KNOWS, HE’S HOOKED!  

If you have a chance I totally reccommend reading these books!  Don’t wait cause I don’t want to be the only one with my nose in a book!

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