I Was Thinking….

I Was Thinking….

I know that some may say this is dangerous for me, you know, the thinking part,  but I bet they’re just teasing…I hope anyway!

I’ve had a few life changes lately that I’m getting used to and so far, I think I’m adjusting.  The biggest change is getting a job.  Now don’t get me wrong I’ve always had a job, it’s just that I’ve been blessed with being able to work from home.  I believe that having your our own business and working from home, definitely has had pluses and minuses.   The whole job outside of my house, well, it’s working out, but having had the flexibility of working on MY time clock was wonderful! I know the time will come, when I’m able to go back to that, but for now this opportunity has been given, and I’m thankful for it.

I really think I’m taking it in stride…there have been some reality checks for both myself and my family but we’re working through them and I know we’ll learn from this experience.  They’ve been great and very helpful! 

One thing I’ve already realized is that I like having time to relax in the morning before leaving for work.  It sets my day off correctly and I have a better mind-set .  I was remembering way back (and I mean way back) when I worked outside of the house and how the morning routine went.  I was always in a hurry, always rushing my eldest daughter, who was in preschool at the time,  to get out of the house and to the freeway.  There was a constant stress level, and at that time, I would have told you that’s just the way it is….not much I can do to fix it.  I would have never considered getting up earlier! I was always tired and felt like I didn’t get enough sleep! But today, I realize that getting up a little earlier, still spending my morning time reading, and even getting ready at a relaxed pace, is definately better than those “old days” of rush, hurry, stress. 

 I know some of you are groaning and saying “yeah, wait until you’ve been doing this for a while, you’ll want all the sleep you can get, cause you’ll be too exhausted to get up early.”  You may be right, but I have found that  being stressed and hurried makes me tired, and when I am tired, I become a little crazy, and besides adding to my lack of energy, CRAZY, is just not good!  Been there done that, don’t want to go back!

So today, on this, “Thankful Thursday”, I’m thankful for the quiet time in the morning and my job.

God Bless!

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