I’m An Oak?

I was with a group of women today who inspire me every time we’re together. I feel blessed that I am a part of them and uplifted when I leave.  We have been through many emotional moments with each other during this last year and today our conversation migrated over some of those events.  We realized there was some real disasters.  Collaboratively, we had lived through much turmoil, and considerable pain, but we have held on to each other, to God and then we’ve moved on.  

Today we read; “They say that in life, pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional”.  and  “when we long for a life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”

One friend used to text me when she was going through her trials… her text read “I’m an oak!”  or just one single word that said loads.  “OAK!”  She didn’t complain in her text, she chose to reminded me, or more importantly, herself, that she was growing strong. She looked forward to the growth.

We even had some wonderful laughs today; after the pain we are able to look at the circumstances and actually laugh at them and be thankful for them.   The circumstances of our trials, help to mold us into who we are, the person that God wants us to be.  He will use those trials, to remind us that He has brought us through to the other side and use them to help and inspire others.

We need to remember, as we will go through more drama, trials and tribulation in our lives. During that time, when it feels like we will not be able to survive, we will remember. Remember that God has helped us before, and will help us again.  We can trust Him to bring us through. We need to remember that “this too shall pass“, whether it feels like it or not!  I hope the problems take their time in getting here, but when they come, I hope that I will face them with grace and dignity. I know that I will face them with God, for He will never leave me.

As for those problems, when they arrive…..I’m aiming for a diamond not an oak!

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