How Great Is Our God?

Being sick is taking it’s toll on me, the daughter must have passed her sickness on to me while we were working on that dreaded school project. Just one more reason for me to dislike projects (see post).  Today, I’m tired and I can’t breath, let alone think, so needless to say, I was struggling when it came to writing. I wanted to share an inspirational thought, but was having a block….no inpiration at all!   So I decided to check my email. I tend to do that, you know, avoid things by visiting email, twitter, facebook, anything to put off doing the things that I should be doing.  Little did I know, inspiration was waiting there, as it sometimes does.  An email, reminding me of a video I had saved for over a year because it had left an undeniable impact on me. I knew I’d need it again.  You may have seen it before too, but there’s a reason it’s here for you today.  Trust me, I don’t know who, or why, or what, you are stuggling with, but this will help.  God know’s what your going through.

There’s a whole series of videos by Louie Giglio titled “How Great is our God”  I highly recommend them all as he put’s our lives here on Earth into perspective.

Do you know how Great God is?  He works things together, and has a perfect plan, a plan that we cannot see. 

Roman’s 8:28 says all things work together for good for those who love God and are called acording to his purpose”.

In my quiet time with God this morning, I wondered what my purpose was for today, what God wanted me to do for Him on this day, so I had to share.

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