How’d That Happen?

Every now and then, I look at a particular aspect of my life and wonder, “how’d that happen? ”  Life has a way of changing,right before your eyes, without you even realizing.  Sometimes it changes for the good, and sometimes, for the not so good, but nevertheless, it’s ever-changing. 
December 26th will mark the twenty-second anniversary of our move into a new home.  One of the many unforeseen blessings I realized with this move, is the gift of life long girlfriends. There are three of us, we met as we moved into our new homes and a new neighborhood. Over the years, we’ve seen each other through some significant events such as childbirth, divorce, and even death, along with, the mundane everyday events of life, like. what to have for dinner . We’ve watched our families grow, and grow up.  There was a time we were inseparable, seeing each other daily, but now as the seasons of our lives change so has the frequency of our visits.  And that’s ok.  
Last night was our annual “Christmas Shopping, Dinner, Girls Night”.  We started doing this about 7 or 8 years ago and have decided it’s a tradition worth preserving. You see, we’re all busy, and even though we live just doorways apart sometimes we won’t see each other for months.  To take a night to celebrate our friendship is good. So every year, we make a plan, and head out to shop, eat, enjoy the season and reminisce.

We had a blast while we were out, not really doing anything special, just being us!  Sometimes we were serious, sometimes silly and sometimes silent, whatever the moment, it didn’t matter, we were comfortable,  One of the best parts of our relationship is that we can come together and pick up as if there’s been no time at all. 

Not long ago, someone inquired about the length of time we’d been friends and we actually spoke it out loud. Yikes!  We looked at each other in amazement and laughed.  It was so funny to hear “almost 22 years”,  Our reaction was the same, “oh my gosh, that’s like forever!”  
We have something important and special.  I think it’s one of those things that you think about and wonder….”How’d that happen?”
But then you smile and realize “it really doesn’t matter how it happened, you’re just glad it did!”
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