Having A Teenager Is An Eye Opening Experience.

Having a teenager is an eye opening experience.  You need to be on your toes, smarter than they are. Well, at least with my teenager you do! She’s one of those kids who has always wanted to do more than I was willing to allow and subsequently, she’s always trying to get away with SOMETHING. 

My older child wasn’t like that at all. Actually, that’s still the case, she has one of those personalities that makes it very uncomfortable for her to push the envelope.  Thank goodness!  I thought that all my children would have the same qualities and behaviors, because I’m the same parent, right?  WRONG!  I’m learning, or better yet, have learned, that is not the case. Those are definitely unrealistic expectations!

So back to the child who does push the envelope, and believe me it’s a BIG envelope. She’s off to the beach with girls who also tend to push the limit.  A full day and bonfire night to make her own decisions….I’m starting to break out in a nervous rash!   I think I’ve covered all the bases, I’ve said a prayer or two, laid all the groundwork to make sure she understands that she’s in control of her vehicle, ice chest, choices, etc., etc.   But, she’s also almost an adult, legally that is, so I hope she can step it up and make good choices, because, Gosh, I really want her to “get it”, and if she doesn’t,  I may just be bald tomorrow!

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