Grace Wins!

Grace Wins!

When I was in grade school I had a friend named Grace. I remember wondering, “what were her parents thinking when they named her? It was such a silly name. I mean who had a name like Grace?!”

Many years later with a whole different perspective on life. I think having the name Grace would be the best thing ever! That word, “grace”, has such a different meaning for me today, it’s not just some weird name. The meaning now is a gift or a blessing that I receive, over and over, again from God.

Today I feel like having the name Grace would be a great idea! I mean, who wouldn’t want a constant reminder that God steps into life and extends His Grace (unmerited favor or blessings) upon us? Keeping that word “grace” right in front of me helps me to remember how much God loves me, and has sacrificed for me. I know I don’t deserve it, but that doesn’t stop Him, it’s not in His nature to want anything but good for me. And lastly, but definitely most importantly, it also helps me to remember to extend Grace (show kindness whether they deserve it or not) to the people around me. I can be a little snotty at times.

So, because at this point I can’t change my name to Grace, and I need to have reminders, big reminders, of how I’d like to treat other people, (maybe you do too?) I created this Grace Wins Farmhouse Sign. Originally I put the design on the sign, but quickly realized it worked for a shirt too!. Voila’ perfect reminder! It’s beautiful and encouraging!

It makes me smile when my designs reflect a personal sentiment; either mine or the client who commissioned it. It warms my heart. Sometimes they even prompt questions, and questions lead to opportunities to share, and opportunities to share mean sowing some seed, and so it goes; again warming my heart. Visit my shop tab to see if anything warms your heart.

Have a blessed day. Spread some Grace because Grace Wins Every Time. Enjoy!

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