Easy-Peasy Door Tag

Easy-Peasy Door Tag

Being a very crafty type of gal I’m always walking around stores noticing the cute home decor items. It’s not unusual for me to snap a picture of and item to take home and either use the sentiment on a sign or create something similar. So while shopping one day at Homegoods I noticed this large tag shaped fall decor. I really liked it and walked right over to snap that picture. I briefly considered creating my own tag just like this one until I saw the price! It was only $7.99! That’s when I realized that there was absolutely no reason to go home and make this tag. Not for that price! Isn’t it great!

I brought it home, I’ve been waiting for Halloween to be over so I could hang it up. Today was the day. I had planned all along to add a bow to the sign and I knew I had some fall themed ribbon tucked away somewhere. This was so easy. I decided to use the pre-drilled hole to mount the bow. My thoughts were that it would be simple and secure. Here’s how I did it.

I sized the bow up so I had an idea of the size I wanted. Then I wrapped the ribbon around a jar and tied a large bow. Once the bow was secure I slipped the ribbon off the jar and pushed the part that was around the jar through the hole in the upper part of the tag as shown. Then I pulled the ribbon taunt and tied a knot. It was easy and the bow was in the perfect spot. Plus it was easily removable; just untie the knot and pull it off. I had it complete and hanging on the door in about 10 minutes. There was only one problem…I didn’t like the ribbon!

I thought about leaving it. Because really, how important is the front door decor? It was cute…I JUST DIDN’T LIKE IT! So down it came. I pulled out the fall decoration box, found some loose fall leaves and flowers, and grabbed the glue gun! Here’s the finished project.

Much better right. I did utilize the hole for placement of the fall flowers and they are a tad more permanent since I used the hot glue gun. But I like to so much better. Fall decor redecorated and hanging on the front door in record time…about 30 minutes total (even decorating it twice) and oh so inexpensive! Sometimes it just makes more sense to just buy the tag (or other decor item) and personalize it with some cute accents.

Honestly I struggle to think like this, my mind automatically goes to “hey, I can make that for way less~!

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