Christmas Tree Quest

On Tuesday evening, my husband and daughters were discussing when we would take the family outing to find the perfect Christmas tree. I was in the room, but not really involved in the conversation, just listening mostly. The coming weekend was the goal, but busy schedules were getting in the way. Before I knew it, they had decided, now, tonight, right after dinner, would be the perfect time, everyone was actually home with nothing to do. I started to balk, just because I’m not really a spontaneous person and it was really cold outside, but then I realized that they were right, this was the only night for the next week that we had available.  Even if we didn’t have time to decorate the tree tonight at least it would be in the house, ready and available.
Getting the Christmas tree is a family event, always has been. That meant the hubby would need to clean out the truck so we would all fit in one vehicle.  He took care of that right away, I grabbed the camera and off we went, heading to the local Home Depot, they have the best value on Christmas trees here in Southern California, not too many tree farms left.  Seriously, they must have received a shipment of trees that day because ALL of them were fresh, nice looking trees. We opened the first tree, and it was really nice, perfectly shaped and no big holes!  The girls were freezing and Jalene my oldest said, “it’s perfect, let’s go!”    What!?  NO WAY!  We have to open a couple more just to make sure!  I couldn’t believe that just came out of my mouth!
My husband looked at me like I was from outer space.  You see….we have NEVER had an easy time picking out a tree.  I remember back when we were newly married, there was one year that we visited about 10 tree lots before finding an acceptable tree. To find a perfectly fine tree on the first shot…a gift from God according to Larry, but there I was, saying, “just open a couple more, please”.  Being the wonderful guy he is, he smiled a crooked smile, as if to say, “you’re crazy,” and grabbed another to open.  Jalene kept her foot on the original tree, so as no one came along and swiped it right out from under our noses.  That lesson had been learned the hard way.
During our quest for the “most perfect” tree, a lone woman walked into the aisle of trees in search of a tree for herself. My oldest, funny girl, informed her that my husband worked at the store, and would be happy to open any tree for her!  We all laughed out loud…..except for the lone woman, and Larry of course!  She wasn’t there long, I hope we didn’t make her feel uncomfortable.
After a couple of tree openings, we did decide on a tree, and no it wasn’t the first one… was the second! So off we went, tree in hand, to the cashier, to pay for this perfect specimen. Next, we got watch my husband tie it down on the truck.  That’s always an adventure as we don’t want to lose it while driving.  Thanks to him, we haven’t learned that lesson! 
The next question?  When can we decorate it?
It was in the house two days and we finally decorated last evening.
Now it feels like Christmas at my house,  I have to get it in gear….it’ll be here before I’m ready if I’m not careful!
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