Bride On The Road

My hubby and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary this week. It just amazes me.  Someone actually informed me, that in that amount of time, I could be on parole from a life sentence in jail for murder!  Of course, I laughed, it’s so true, and actually…, sometimes I’ve felt like killing him!  But really, I’m sure he’s had those feelings about me too.   Ok, so it’s not really an urge to inflict bodily harm, as much as a level of frustration, but the feelings are comparable. Over the years I’ve relaxed a little, and today my hubby and I can laugh about those moments of “frustration”.  Today, I know that when I’m feeling frustrated about something…’s usually because I’m trying to get MY way.  I need to take a step back and relax…laugh a little.  I’ve learned much over the years, but I have to say one of the most important things, was to learn to laugh at myself…I was WAY too serious!

28 years, in terms of a period time, seems like forever, but time has a way of passing right before your eyes, without you realizing.  That’s exactly what happened!  I can remember some of the details of that day. They just stand out in my mind.  Some vivid memories are of worrying and arguing with my family about the details of the day. Every bride wants her day to be just right on that momentous occasion. 

On the way to our anniversary dinner celebration, Hubby told me about a scene he came upon today while out running errands. Today was a hot day, and as he rounded the corner by our house, he noticed a couple of cars pulled over to the side of the road.  One car, a limousine, had its hood up and the driver was working on adding water to the car.  Frantically working, I would guess, as a bride in her wedding gown, along with her bridesmaids were waiting outside of the broken down car.  After many fleeting thoughts, he wondered if he could do something to help, but then he realized that the second car WAS there to help!  He thought things must be under control and continued on with his errands.  “OH NO” I exclaimed!  Can you imagine?!  It was so hot, and the poor thing was in her dress! I’m sure this was not in that brides wedding day agenda…..God help the driver!  I bet she was frantic…thinking the day a disaster and I’m sure it felt like one to her, but at least there was someone to help and take her to the wedding if the limo couldn’t. Thank goodness for cell phones! 

Had this happened on my wedding day 28 years ago…..I would have had to walk to a pay phone to call someone….Yes, a pay phone, you know those phones on the side of the road that you put a dime in and were able to make a 2 minute call.  And, had it been me, I wouldn’t have been able to get a hold of anyone… because they would have all been at my wedding!  Again, the no cell phone issue.  They would have thought I was a no show, but really it would have been the car problems….

I KNOW this bride was thinking…really bad thoughts, she had to have been.  Even though she was lucky she was getting married in 2010 and not 1982, I’m sure she wasn’t really thinking about how lucky she was!  I thought about her a few times that evening and said a small prayer for her. My hope for her is that one day 28 years from now (or maybe sooner), after it’s all said and done, she and her husband can look back and laugh….that they will know that even with ALL that “disaster”….they made it!

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