Beginning Again…This Time With A New Vision

Beginning Again…This Time With A New Vision

Isaiah 30:21 Listening To God

I started this blogging adventure many years ago as a way share the funny antics of my family along with my insights about how God fit into our lives. At the time, I found myself living with 3 teenagers and a preteen and that was an adventurous ride; there was never a dull moment. Writing was an outlet for me when I began, but as time when on I wondered if it was something I wanted to continue. I let my blog go to the wayside, mostly by default, instead of a conscious decision. The result of that, was me loosing a good deal of life lessons and funny stories. I am very irritated at myself for that mistake! I love to scrapbook and journal in them so I know the value of the stories of our lives. They’re precious, and I totally dropped the ball on backing up my stories here on the blog. I’m sad about that, actually, I’m digressing a bit here, so back to the point… my new vision

I tried to forget

I forgot about writing and my blog but there were times that I felt pressed to take another look. God would not let it just die. I would try to talk myself out of this idea and yet it would not go away! It was really annoying! So annoying that I finally decided to listen. I didn’t want to listen…I wanted to do my own thing, but it’s not very productive to argue with God!

A New Vision

So here we are… I have a new vision. One that encompasses the original blog type format, along with a new online boutique. The boutique that began as an Etsy shop, and morphed into something better. I think this vision feels good, like, it’s pleasing to God and to me…This is the place, the place to figure out who I am and to share my designs, decor and a little bit more.

My hope is to inspire and encourage you, along with sharing how and what God is doing in my life. I hope you stop by often and that you are blessed in some way while you’re here. I’d love it if you signed up below to follow my journey. I promise no spam, just exclusive content and new product announcements coming right to you. Be the first to see what’s happening here at Designing Dee

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