A Change In Perspective

A Change In Perspective

Have you ever needed a change of perspective? Yesterday, after hearing that our quarantine or shelter in place, #stayathome order was extended for an additional 30 days I found myself upset with a bit of a bad attitude. Deep down I knew that there was a good possibility the order would be extended, but as the time got closer, the hope that we would be able to socialize in a more “normal” fashion was bright. Somehow I had mentally been unprepared to hear that announcement.

Today, I realized that I had the power to change my attitude. Of course I don’t want to hang out at home for an additional 30 days but dwelling on the negative was not going to help. I had to change my perspective. There was no sense in being nervous or trying to figure out the unknown. I had to change my focus and to be honest the best idea was to turn my focus to God. I had to look to the one who doesn’t have to “figure it out”, He already knows the result.

Changing My Perspective

Perspective, how you feel about something, has everything to do with your attitude. In my quiet time this morning I had some insight. Have you noticed ALL of the references to “these uncertain times?” They may feel uncertain to us because we truly are waiting for some relief of the unknown, but that statement is a worldly view. They are not uncertain times to God. He’s in control as always. Do we trust Him enough to not sit in the negativity?

What if we try to see things from a Christian world view?

What if we changed “these uncertain times” to “such a time as this?” The phrase itself invokes a feeling of courage and hope, especially, among believers. We hear this saying in the book of Ester when Mordecai challenges Ester. He infers that maybe she is chosen and is in the exact situation she is in, for this perfect time…to rescue her people. It’s her chance to make a difference.

Could it be that we followers of Christ are here in this exact moment to make a difference in someones life? I believe that God will use this Covid19 crisis to get the world to rethink life and our priorities, maybe to get us to slow down, spend time with the ones we love. He will draw people to Him. We are here, not to be uncertain and nervous, but to be certain in the trust we have for God, and for such a time as this.

Whatever our circumstances

Whatever our circumstances, we can change our perspective from “these uncertain times” to “for such a time as this”. We can wake up each day during the next 30 days knowing our “for such a time as this” is right now, right here in the middle of the Covid19 crisis. We can trust the King of kings to guide us as we say “yes” in obedience and step out in faith because we may discover that even in the midst of our fear our hardships, and everything in between, like looking for toilet paper, God has a plan and has most likely prepared the way.

I don’t know what your “for such a time as this” moment is but I trust that God does, and if you ask, he will show you. Pray, fast, and keep your eyes on Jesus for inspiration. There is a harvest out there of people who need hope. Go…give them hope. Show them your hope.

xoxo, DeeAnna

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