The Morning Stress Factor

Why is it that the morning seems to be the worst time of day? You would think it should go smoothly. Usually people have just awoke from a long extended period of sleep, feeling refreshed and ready to start the day, right? I know, I know, that's a pipe dream!But seriously....usually I feel like "OK new day! I get to start again" I'm up early, starting my morning quiet time with God and reflecting on the items on my daily "to do" list. I feel like all is under control and going to go smoothly. That is until the teenagers wake! They are never on time! Doesn't matter if they're up early, up late, or even if it's the one day a week that they start school an hour later.....they can't do it! It's inevitable that one or the other is "running a little behind". I work from home, so I've always been able to make breakfast for my kids. It's important to me. I like making sure they go to school ready for the day with food in their stomach. Now mind you, when I was younger, I always made a hot breakfast, but that has changed over the years. Sometimes cereal is on the menu, but I like them to have time to eat it, and a little morning conversation with me would be nice, considering I did just make them food! Lately it's been more like "I don't have time for that! Can't you just make something to take in the car?" So being the flexible person that I am, (haha), my expectation bubble bursted, I accommodate, and off they go....running out the door, one barking at the other to hurry up, they're going to be late. I take a "good grief" breath and think...."yes, I think they'll be on time," But the stress, that turmoil that goes on in your body when you're trying to make things happen your way, is still there. I wonder...what can we do differently tomorrow so this doesn't happen? I believe the key is, what can "I", not "we", do differently. Maybe, for now, I'll let go of my expectations that the morning routine should be peaceful and serene. Maybe, if they suffer the consequences of being late a couple of times, I won't have to correct them....they'll correct it themselves? Who knows, but for now I'll say a little prayer for calmness, because my husband, who is not working today, is wondering what's for breakfast! Ahhhh! I'll try again tomorrow.
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