Having A Teenager Is An Eye Opening Experience.

Having a teenager is an eye opening experience.  You need to be on your toes, smarter than they are. Well, at least with my teenager you do! She’s one of those kids who has always wanted to do more than I was willing to allow and subsequently, she’s always trying to get away with SOMETHING.  My older child wasn’t like that at all. Actually, that’s still … Continue reading

Working On Procrastination AGAIN!

Procrastination……one of my worst character defects!   I absolutely need to work on this problem but I’m sitting here just wondering, “what is the cause”?  If I can get to the underlying reason that I procrastinate, then maybe I can change that about myself.   I know what I need to do today.  I even have a list!  Yet I haven’t started.  I want all the … Continue reading