What Are You Doing Today?

THE question, the one someone posted today, was a bit more than just “what are you doing today?” Actually the words on the screen said…”What are you doing for God today? ”  My first thought was ouch! Did I do something for God today?  One responder assumed that the questions was about helping in the church or somewhere “significant” but as I thought about … Continue reading

Her Comfort Zone

While on the way to school Friday morning, my youngest daughter shared that she was a little nervous about going to middle school.   I smiled slightly, she wouldn’t be moving from 6th grade to middle school for about 8 months, so I encouraged her not to worry about that right now.  I didn’t want to make a big deal out of the … Continue reading

Bride On The Road

My hubby and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary this week. It just amazes me.  Someone actually informed me, that in that amount of time, I could be on parole from a life sentence in jail for murder!  Of course, I laughed, it’s so true, and actually…, sometimes I’ve felt like killing him!  But really, I’m sure he’s had those feelings about me too.   Ok, so … Continue reading

Starting to see

I’m excited to share about a book study I’ve been participating in; The book by Kay Arthur, Lord, Teach Me To Pray in 28 days.  The book is designed to read a short “chapter” every day for 28 days, to understand Jesus’ teachings about prayer.  I’m truly enjoying the book, but finding the time to add another book into my … Continue reading

Word of the day

I’m hoping that this post will be short, but I just never really know what will be layed on my heart as I begin to write.  I’ve started to pay attention to those small nudges from God. I also have started to realize that I, do not have all the information to decide if that “nudging”, or more accurately, “shove”,  from God, will be used … Continue reading