What's a Beep?

Then her phone rang,….yes rang! The middle child had actually called to explain! Thank goodness for small things, like an actual conversation with voices and smiles and laughs. When she answered, I watched her get a slight smile on her face, giggle and then she explained to the rest of us

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Oopsy Daisy

Some of you may have noticed that Sunday I posted a quote from the Academy Awards. Well that was a mistake….kind’a.  I love the quotation and had every intention of posting it and sharing a couple of thoughts. I just didn’t want to do it right then, I clicked one little button and I couldn’t stop it, before I knew … Continue reading

Where In The World Is It?

Sometimes I wonder how I make it through a day without losing my head!  Seriously, I try to be organized but it’s inevitable I lose just about everything.  Today I had a plan, it was a full day, but I had planned out the agenda last night and I wasn’t stressed. Needless to say, nothing went as planned.  First thing … Continue reading