What A Beautiful Sight

No, it’s not my oak table dining room table (that I’m so ready to paint) and the chairs that I REALLY dislike these days….. It’s the fact that this table is finally empty! For the last 5 months it’s been full of hand-made Christmas ornaments, all the craft supplies needed to make those ornaments and 30 mini Christmas trees like … Continue reading

My Closet Reality

I love reading blogs, but I have to be very careful to keep my self esteem in check. Although they can be very motivating and inspirational, sometimes I find myself feeling a little inadequate. When your reality doesn’t measure up to the pictures of beautiful rooms and houses that you’re reading about, you have to be careful that you don’t start to have a bit … Continue reading

Just A Call Away

Today I had the best phone call with my daughter.  It was one of those moments that makes you smile. When your child realizes that Jesus loves them, it’s a good day!  Oh, I know, I know, she should already know that, and she does, logically, but when the evidence is answered prayer, well that brings it all home! It’s the best feeling when … Continue reading


Last week in my bride on the road post I noted how time  has a way of flying by without us noticing.  Not only does it happen over the years but it happens to me every night!  Tonight I sat down to spend a little time catching up on the computer, both with work and with socializing.  I thought I’d be able to hurry through … Continue reading