A Gift of Love

Happy Valentines day! I hope this is not one of those days that you wish would not roll around every year.  I’ve never really understood why some people find this day such a bummer, maybe that’s because I’ve been married for such a long time (like an eternity or at least something along those lines) that I don’t remember what it’s … Continue reading

Word of the day

I’m hoping that this post will be short, but I just never really know what will be layed on my heart as I begin to write.  I’ve started to pay attention to those small nudges from God. I also have started to realize that I, do not have all the information to decide if that “nudging”, or more accurately, “shove”,  from God, will be used … Continue reading

The Perfect Definition Of Love

Today was Valentine’s Day, the day when many are either pleasantly pleased or disgruntled with the circumstances in their romantic life. Love is strange and sometimes our expectations of what we believe it should be, really set us up for disappointment.

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