Attitude Check

Have you ever known someone who just wears you out emotionally….for me, the most tiresome thing is a negative attitude.  I don’t know what to say to that person who can’t seem to find anything to be joyful about. Well, even if they could see a positive, bright side of things, once in a while, now that would be nice. You know, … Continue reading


Last week in my bride on the road post I noted how time  has a way of flying by without us noticing.  Not only does it happen over the years but it happens to me every night!  Tonight I sat down to spend a little time catching up on the computer, both with work and with socializing.  I thought I’d be able to hurry through … Continue reading

Picking up the pieces

The other day I was thinking about how blessed I was to have found Jesus.  I remembered how, for lack of a better word, “broken”, I felt.  It wasn’t one of those things where I knew I wanted God in my life.  I didn’t.  I didn’t have an aversion to God, I was taught that there was a creator and that Jesus was … Continue reading

I Was Thinking….

I know some of you are groaning and saying “yeah, wait until you’ve been doing this for a while, you’ll want all the sleep you can get, cause you’ll be too exhausted to get up early.” You may be right, but I have found that being stressed and hurried makes me tired, and when I am tired, I become a little crazy

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