Months Ago…

This subject has been on my heart for some time, I’ve been thinking about it for many months and again I had the nudge to write.  I wondered how do I pack all the thoughts I’ve had over the last 6 months into one post; I’ve determined that’s impossible, so I’m starting at the beginning and where it goes, it goes. Many … Continue reading

You Never Know What Can Inspire…

When I began to write this blog I had a vision for myself and this little ole’ blog, I wanted to write about life experiences, the funny moments of a crazy life or the insights I had over life events that can either make or break you.  I felt like I had come to a place in my life where … Continue reading

Just A Call Away

Today I had the best phone call with my daughter.  It was one of those moments that makes you smile. When your child realizes that Jesus loves them, it’s a good day!  Oh, I know, I know, she should already know that, and she does, logically, but when the evidence is answered prayer, well that brings it all home! It’s the best feeling when … Continue reading


Last week in my bride on the road post I noted how time  has a way of flying by without us noticing.  Not only does it happen over the years but it happens to me every night!  Tonight I sat down to spend a little time catching up on the computer, both with work and with socializing.  I thought I’d be able to hurry through … Continue reading