My Love Hate Relationship

I have a love hate relationship….with social media….namely Facebook! I know people who “don’t do Facebook”, for many reasons, but I’m not one of them. Social media can be utilized as a good tool especially for a blog or a business. I like that. Personally, there is one aspect of Facebook that I love, but only one. Now that most of my family is scattered … Continue reading

Time For Relaxing

I was so excited to have some free time this evening to sit and play on the computer.  Most days, I consider time on the  computer relaxation, and although I have used the computer for work, I have not taken advantage of playing on the computer in 3 days. I was having withdrawals. Wondering what was happening on Facebook .  I know, that’s a … Continue reading

How Great Is Our God?

Being sick is taking it’s toll on me, the daughter must have passed her sickness on to me while we were working on that dreaded school project. Just one more reason for me to dislike projects (see post).  Today, I’m tired and I can’t breath, let alone think, so needless to say, I was struggling when it came to writing. I wanted to … Continue reading