In The Name Of Entertainment

Do you ever have a ranting episode in your head? The kind where you wonder,  “what the heck?” and you wish you could just scream at the illogical things people say and do. I had one of those moments today!  I made the mistake of clicking on a headline on the home page of my internet browser. The headline stated that in the wake of Friday’s shooting a … Continue reading

Mom’s Temper Tantrum?

My youngest daughter is so witty, she comes up with the silliest comments.  Her astute observations and the off the cuff comments are right on target and usually a source of laughter. However, last week her humor hit a little close to home, when she made some reference to “mom and her temper tantrums”.               What?!         I had no clue to what she was referring, … Continue reading

Just A Call Away

Today I had the best phone call with my daughter.  It was one of those moments that makes you smile. When your child realizes that Jesus loves them, it’s a good day!  Oh, I know, I know, she should already know that, and she does, logically, but when the evidence is answered prayer, well that brings it all home! It’s the best feeling when … Continue reading

What's a Beep?

Then her phone rang,….yes rang! The middle child had actually called to explain! Thank goodness for small things, like an actual conversation with voices and smiles and laughs. When she answered, I watched her get a slight smile on her face, giggle and then she explained to the rest of us

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