What's a Beep?

Then her phone rang,….yes rang! The middle child had actually called to explain! Thank goodness for small things, like an actual conversation with voices and smiles and laughs. When she answered, I watched her get a slight smile on her face, giggle and then she explained to the rest of us

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The Perfect Definition Of Love

Today was Valentine’s Day, the day when many are either pleasantly pleased or disgruntled with the circumstances in their romantic life. Love is strange and sometimes our expectations of what we believe it should be, really set us up for disappointment.

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Valentine Cards For Your Little Ones

Did you know that Valentines day is the second largest holiday of the year for sending cards. Traditionally this annual holiday is associated with romantic love between intimate companions and many lovers express their love for each other by sending candy, flowers and greeting cards.    Personally I prefer to express my love and affection for my husband on an daily … Continue reading

Taking time out to remember

Every family has those stories that bring up precious memories. A love story, a baby story, a funny story, even a story you’d rather forget…

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