Who’s Judging Who?

Stop Judging

Here I am again….writing because I am struggling to stay silent.   I saw a post on Facebook and I cringed. Almost immediately I was a little peeved, I started to put my two cents in the comment thread, but thought better and decided to mind my own business.    However, since then….I’ve been thinking about it, a lot, so here I am getting it off my chest. … Continue reading


This weekend has been a tough one for me as I’m sure that it has been for all of you too!  I did my best to avoid watching the news because I didn’t think I could handle watching all of the private (or not so private) emotional moments of the families and people affected by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  … Continue reading

Left Behind?

For the first time in a long time, I’m reading a book, a fiction book that is.  I’ve had this box of books lying around my garage for months now and finally took a challenge from a friend to read them.  The series is called the Left Behind series, which is also the name of the first book. They are fiction novels about biblical prophecy … Continue reading

I Am In Awe!

Ever had a God moment? Well that’s what I call them…the moments when you realize, once again, that Jesus is so aware of who you are and knows you intimately?  I love them! On the days when I’m concerned or worried and just open the Word for comfort, and right in the so called “random” place that I opened, is … Continue reading