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It’s About Completing Albums!
Maybe you’ve tried scrapbooking and been challenged by the huge amount of product on the market or by the need for organization and motivation.  Or maybe traditional “scrapbooking” does just not interest you. That means that you are in the right spot!
When you think of Creative Memories today you should realize that it’s not just about “scrapbooking” any longer!

Today’s photo world is all about digital, and people are taking hundreds of pictures at a time. What do you do with your digital images once they are on your camera? I see people every day with thousands of pictures scattered throughout their computers, memory cards and photo storage sites but they are STILL looking for some easy quick way to enjoy those special moments. Where will those images be in 5 years?

The reason I love my job is that I get to help people like you with their pictures. Not just the pictures, but the stories, you know, . . the memories, they are the real treasure. They are the priceless gems that make families who they are.

I wonder what memories your family has, that are just waiting to be shared?

Through my Creative Memories business, I can offer you a different approach to preserving those memories that leads to completed albums and to personal satisfaction and pride. Whether it’s a beautiful digital Storybook album, a simple pocket slide in album, one of our home décor items, or a traditional scrapbook style album, you will find just the right way for you to celebrate, your life – your story – your way!

Creative Memories offers the BEST products in the field and for over 20 years they have been helping people with their pictures. Let me show you all the different way’s that Creative Memories can make memory keeping simple and quick.

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 I personally love working on my albums, but I know that for many of the people that I coach  saving your pictures and the memories that go along with them can be overwhelming.  So overwhelming that it can bring an opposite reaction than desired, “no action”.  I want to encourage you, keep it simple, something is better than nothing and that “something” will be priceless one day. “

Those pictures on your camera, your computer, and in those boxes represent the special moments in your life.  The moments, that for some reason, you thought were worth being captured.  The simple hugs, simple smiles and simple moments that make up your memories are worthy to be celebrated.

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