Memory Keeping

Saving your pictures and the memories that go along with them can be overwhelming for some.  I personally love working on my albums, but I know for many of the people that I coach, this task seems to be overwhelming. So overwhelming that it can bring an opposite reaction than desired, “no action”.  I want to encourage you, keep it simple, something is better than nothing and that something will be priceless one day. “
Those pictures on your camera, your computer, and in those boxes represent the special moments in your life.  The moments, that for some reason, you thought were worth being captured.  The simple hugs, simple smiles and simple moments that make up your memories are worthy to be celebrated.
Check out the Photo Album area for a list of blog entries highlighting my adventures with photo albums and scrapbooks and I’d like to invite you to check out my “scrapblog”,  Scrap with Dee, It’s full ways to help you get started and ideas to feed your creativity or just encourage you along the way.


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