One Of Those Days

I made it through the day…even Mr. Boss Man called me this evening to see if I made it home ok without any additional problems.  I am sure that things could have been worse but it was just one of those days. It began last night as everyone began taking evening showers we realized that our water heater was not … Continue reading

Going Postal….

Tonight I understood. I understood, just how someone with a little bit of, um.., let’s say “weirdness”, could lose it, and “go postal”.   I was on the phone with AT&T, for almost 2 hours, does that explain a little bit of my frustration? A month ago I would have said that AT&T has the worst customer service on earth, but since … Continue reading


This weekend has been a tough one for me as I’m sure that it has been for all of you too!  I did my best to avoid watching the news because I didn’t think I could handle watching all of the private (or not so private) emotional moments of the families and people affected by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  … Continue reading

Oh, No She Didn’t Just Do That!

There’s not too much these days that gets my ruffles in a twist but for some reason, the mama bear in me is always ready to react

Continue reading

Six Months Of Silence

It’s kind of sad when you have a blog and you haven’t written a post in 6 months!  It seems like forever since I’ve found inspiration to write. Truth is, I’ve been absent because I truly felt like I was drowning, and in order for me to keep my head above water, something had to give.  To make matter’s worse….there were some things that would … Continue reading