4 Tips To Great Spaghetti Sauce

Everyone should have a good spaghetti recipe!  And I bet you do…you just may not realize it because there are a few tips to making really good spaghetti sauce.  You may not realize how much better your recipe could be by following some simple tips. Having an Italian heritage I grew up with Sunday Spaghetti dinners, and learned to make sauce a long … Continue reading

Orange Cream Cupcakes

In the last couple of years my daughter “Poop” and have began to make cupcakes for friends and family, it started off as an fun afternoon of “cupcake wars” with Posey and since we’ve received many compliments on our yummy cupcakes and requests to make them often.  We’ve had fun experimenting with different flavors. We are MAD about cupcakes. Normally I’m not … Continue reading

Let Them Eat Cake…And Make It, Lemon Jello Cake

Do you ever have small little details in everyday life bring about some cherished memory from days past?  Recently grabbed a bottle of Jergen’s hand lotion from the bathroom counter at work, as soon as I squeezed the lotion out onto my hand I was taken with the smell of the “original scent” of this lotion.  It brought back memories … Continue reading

Soups On-Tortilla Soup

I’ve had this recipe for years, it was given to me by a friend. It was one of the many recipes in her cookbook and I have been asked to share it many times too. It’s one of my family’s favorite meals!

Continue reading

Tortellini Alfredo Soup

Today is was supposed to rain here in Southern California….I think it rained somewhere…but unfortunately not anywhere that I happened to be!  When I was younger I hated when it was rainy and gloomy, but as I’ve grown older there are times that I enjoy the rain. I don’t think its because I’ve grown into a gloomy person…I just like a … Continue reading