What To Do With The Door…

I’ve been eyeing this old door at work…it was removed from some old railroad yard building and it’s been calling my name ever since it was brought back to our yard. I’m kind of a sucker for old houses and furniture, even silly things like old buckets bring back memories of my childhood, and for some reason my grandparents. Maybe it’s because they … Continue reading

There She Goes…Just A Walkin’ Down The Street

What’s that old song?  There she goes just a walking down the street? I think that’s the way it goes, but more importantly…that song reminds me of this dresser we made over in a weekend (Well actually a little more than a weekend because the hubby had to fix a couple of the drawers).  Why does it remind me of the … Continue reading

Enchanted Garden Fairy Birthday Party

Today I realized that soon my beautiful granddaughter would be 2 years old.  I began to wonder how that happened, like overnight, and I started thinking about her birthday party from last year.  This month I’m heading to the mountains for a scrapbook retreat and one of my goals is to get some work completed in her album.  Of course…my … Continue reading

Faux Roman Shade Blinds

Several years ago I wanted Roman Shades in my family room.  The large window needed a shade due to the sunshine (and heat in the summer) blazing in, and I wanted something decorative yet simple on the window. When I received the estimate for the blinds I almost fell over dead!  They were so expensive!  I was a little disappointed but … Continue reading

Altered Alphabet Letter

I attended a 1st birthday party this last weekend and the theme, Fairy Garden Party, was adorable.  Reminded me of my granddaughter’s 1st birthday.  I never blogged about this day or posted pictures of the party.  I’m going to have to do that soon…better late than never. But for today I want to share one of their cute ideas. (at least I … Continue reading