Painting Dandelions

I’m excited to share this project! I have hated the closed doors in Posey’s room for many years and recently have been racking my brain to figure out some inexpensive way to spruce them up. I thought about replacing the hollow doors with mirrored doors (too expensive), changing them to bi-fold doors (don’t really like those), adding molding or something along … Continue reading

One Day A Door….

I’d really like to finish that heading with …the next a headboard, but…reality is, it was a little bit longer than that! I had been eyeing old doors for some time and loved the idea of creating a headboard from a door. It was a perfect idea for Posey since she was without a headboard since up-sizing her bed.  I studied and … Continue reading

Painted Clothesline Photo Display

I’ve been a busy lady with some home projects and even though I’ve taken pictures I’ve not had any time to share them with you all.  I’m going to try, yes try, to set aside a few minutes to share some of the DIY projects that I’ve completed over the past couple of months. Recently, I was right in the … Continue reading

Grandma’s Desk Updated

We’ve had this old desk in the house for years. It belonged to my grandmother and has served it’s purpose for some time but for the last couple of years I’ve noticed how dated it looked. It needed to have an update to bring it into this decade. I found a small bench on Craig’s list and updated it right away. You can spy … Continue reading

Pillow Procrastination

I’ve had this project lying around my house for sometime now, I convinced the oldest daughter to purchase some pillows on clearance and then cover them with fabric to match the décor in her front room. We had been looking for reasonably priced pillows with no luck, so this was going to be a good idea….except for the fact that I really … Continue reading