You Never Know What Can Inspire…

When I began to write this blog I had a vision for myself and this little ole’ blog, I wanted to write about life experiences, the funny moments of a crazy life or the insights I had over life events that can either make or break you.  I felt like I had come to a place in my life where … Continue reading

Getting To Know Me.

As it says in the “about me” section, of my blog, when I started the blog I was interested in exploring and sharing the things that made me tick, figuring out my likes, dislikes, dreams and hopes…and so on and so on.  I’ve come to understand that this is ever changing, that as life changes and progresses so do all of those things I mentioned, and so … Continue reading

A Dream Of A Christmas Gift

Seriously, I’m a practical girl, I don’t usually like expensive items or feel like they are necessary, as usually I could find a better (more practical) use for the money that would be spent. But this morning I got a little impractical.  I opened my email and right there on the home page was my dream Christmas present.  I giggled out … Continue reading