Growing Up Martha Style

I saw this article the other day, “15 undeniable signs that you grew up in a Martha Stewart home”,  I snickered, giggled a little and wondered….Just what does a Martha Steward home look like?  One click and I got a little surprise, I fell right in place with item #1. I was curious….are there more? Wanna see how I ranked? Here they are, along with … Continue reading

People Pleasing or God Pleasing

I remember the first time someone suggested that I was a people pleaser. I snickered and thought, “you don’t know me very well, I am a tough cookie”. But honestly, just them posing the question, and of course me trying to prove that I wasn’t, helped me to begin to realize the tendencies that I had toward pleasing others over myself. I thought … Continue reading

Oh, My Gosh!! I’m Surrounded…Please Send Help!

Tonight was one of those moments in our house….I wonder how my daughters even survive, and I’m really glad they are safe and sound under my roof because otherwise I would seriously worry! Today Posie received the first academic award of her high school years…Not that I got to see it, because in high school they don’t really encourage parents to come and … Continue reading

My Soap Box

I usually try to stay off of my soapbox when writing my blog posts.  But there are a few subjects that I just have to speak about. (ok well maybe a couple more than a few). This week, I read that Victoria’s Secret will be introducing a line of underwear geared toward younger girls in the “tween” age group. (You can read about … Continue reading